You gotta love Mondays; otherwise, you have to just cry through them.

Our Sunday going into all day Monday was a day of firsts.

First time that one of our kids has ever done a projectile vomit. All over his daddy and all over his room. I hear a “MIC, I need help!!” So I run into Ezra’s room to find Mark covered in puke. As well as the floor, the closet wall, the container of clothes that I had just packed up. And Ezra himself. Nice. It’s been a rough week for Ezzy with whatever sickness he’s got. Pray for him. Pray for Mark and me as we’re tired.

Monday morning then happened, which consisted of Ezra refusing to nap as all he wants to do is moan and have his mommy hold him. I understand that. I just can’t work and hold a moaning boy. So we trade off with Mommy holding then trying to lay him down . . . holding . . . trying a nap . . .

We then ran over to Chan and Pop’s to get Ryder. I decided to hurry up and finish my taxes while we were over there. I set Ezzy down while I set all my stuff down, then turned around only to hear “Mic, get Ezzy!!” I ran into the hall and my son is lying at the bottom of the stairs. Heart attack moment for this mom. Ezra took two seconds to get out of the room and down the stairs. Literally. Ezzy’s bad day got worse. So I got him to calm down, got him to breathe as he was very shaken up, then I said foget taxes, let’s go. And I should have known better . . .

But I decided to stop at the grocery store on the way home. I gave Ryder a long lecture about how Mommy needs to get groceries, so he has to sit in the cart. Ezzy has to sit in the front, so he has to sit in the back. And he is not allowed to stand up. I even brokered a deal on how if he obeyed he could have a sucker. Then as we shopped, every time he moved a muscle, I told him to sit down. Well, you can figure where this is going. He decided to sit on the edge of the cart in the one moment when I looked away and grabbed something of the shelf. And of course, he didn’t keep his balance. So all of Target heard me yell “Ryder!!!!” as I ran to catch him. And this was seriously God’s help as I got Ryde by his ankle just as his head nearly hit the floor. How I caught a 30 pound kid by the ankle and held on to him. I don’t even know what happened. I just know that in the next moment, he was screaming and holding onto me as tightly as he could, I was shaking, and just saying thank You, Jesus.

And that wasn’t the end of our day, but that’s enough. Being a mother is the hardest job on the planet. Period.

I spent all night thanking the Lord that both my boys are fine, neither have injuries, and I know thousands of kids have fallen down stairs and fallen out of carts. I’m thankful it wasn’t way worse, and we didn’t end up in the ER. I just didn’t need it to happen within an hour of each other. I won’t be doing any shopping at any store that doesn’t have a double seat with straps from now on. And Ezra remains in my sight at all minutes of the day.

Third baby . . . yeah, not for a while.

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