I’ve been looking for inspiration, help, advice, encouragement, etc. for working moms who have busy schedules like myself, and surprisingly, I’m finding the above in random places.

First, somehow, I started receiving a free subscription to “Working Mother” magazine, and it has quickly become something that I look forward to receiving. It’s written for career women (with jobs that allow them to have nannies), but I’m finding lots of good advice for how to manage mornings, lunches, organization, getting out the door, etc.

Second, I was on the Pioneer Woman’s website the other day and was searching for some dinner inspiration when I saw this –


Mark and I had just discussed how I currently do not have the time to homeschool, and how that will have to change if we decide that we’re going to homeschool our kids. Public school is not an option. So when I saw this, I eagerly read it and the comments below it. I was relieved to read the other women’s stories and to know that I’m not alone. My chaos filled house is not unique. And many other women are struggling to find balance like I am.

Thank the Lord for random moments of encouragement!

Oh, and to continue to share how God always provides – my parents bought a box of diapers for Ezzy this week, and when Mark returned to work this morning (after a week off), one of his coworkers brought a box full of 6 to 9 month clothes for Ez. A friend of ours loaned us baby clothes when Ryder was in the 6to 9 month phase, so we have very little for Ez who is quickly growing out of his clothes. God is good . . . all the time!!

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  1. Mic, it is okay if the schooling thing doesn't end up like you expect. I was in public school up until I met you. Made some good friends, and had opportunities to share. Each kid is different, and the type of schooling they need or thrive under may not be the same. Just putting in my two cents–that and the fact I have worked in public schools. There are believers there…

  2. Lisa, I hear you. And I do know that there are Christian teachers and students. Mark and I just feel that we couldn't (in good conscience) put our kids in the public schools in our area. Homeschooling or Christian schooling may not work out, and if so, then we'll prayerfully consider other options.

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