Since I’m actually blogging today, I might as well continue with my thoughts. However, these thoughts are completely separate from the previous blog thoughts, so they need they’re own post. Here goes . . .

At 32 years of age, I’m realizing that I want to get back to who I am. Somehow in the past few years, I’ve lost me. I forgot my dreams, got stuck in a rut, and just decided to survive. What a poopy way to live. No more of that . . . even if I can only dream, I’m going to dream. Therefore, the following is a list of what I want to do and who I want to be before I die or Jesus comes back (and these are in no order of importance – just listed as I think of them):

1. Get and stay organized
2. Have a clean, simple, clutter-free, neat house
3. Be a missionary
4. Take care of babies who need love
5. Have some sort of fashion and style
6. Travel to places that I haven’t seen yet – mostly tropical or European places
7. Have another little one
8. Spend more time with Zoya and Jasmine
9. Teach Ryder to be a kind, smart, loving, obedient (especially to the Lord) little man
10. Take cooking lessons. I have a good sense of cooking already, but I’d like to go further
11. Plant a garden
12. Work a job that I love or be a stay at home mom!
13. Teach
14. Write something – even if it’s just for Ryde to read when he’s an adult and wants to know his mom a bit more or if it’s just helping my husband to write something
15. Read all the really good books that I haven’t read yet šŸ™‚
16. Love on my husband more
17. Learn to rest and relax
18. Decorate our house and really make it into our home
19. Take more baths, which requires that I clean the tub more often
20. Spend more time outside
21. Live someplace that we’ve always dreamed about
22. Give and love on those who don’t know Jesus
23. Encourage other pastor’s kids
24. Grow in my giftings and put them to good use
25. Memorize much more of the Bible
26. Be content yet always growing

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