[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] T[/dropcap]o all my lovely readers, I have a handful of mostly written drafts sitting in my drafts folder just waiting to be published. I hope that day will come soon . . . yet today is not it. I even have one about my handsome grandfather that I really want to get perfect, and it will come. But for now, just a few thoughts . . .

Last Thursday night, we began the process of moving all of our furniture out of the living room (and let me tell you that the room was packed with stuff) and the hallway and into the garage and our bedrooms. Our living room is exactly that; the place where we live. So it is unbelievably crowded with furniture, books, toys, and junk. It was a big job to get it all out, and I told Mark that we really shouldn’t do these jobs when I’m pregnant. I’m not a great help. On Friday night, we rolled back the carpet only to find a giant, unexpected mess. Our 1971 house has been very neglected. It was a rental before we bought it, and the previous owners did every cheap method possible of hiding all the neglect in order to get the house sold. We’ve slowly been uncovering years and years of neglect, lead paint, asbestos, and you name it. Some jobs, like our big front window that had a hole through it (for who knows how many years), we had to pay for professionals to replace due to the lead paint issues, and other jobs we’ve done ourselves simply because we can’t afford otherwise. We thought we were safe with removing carpet as we had no idea that we would discover the original linoleum under the carpet!! And who knew that they used asbestos to adhere lineloum to a floor?! Sheesh louise. And many of the original floorboards needed to have their yucky nails removed and replaced with new ones. So my family helped to remove as much of the staples, carpet debris, linoleum, and garbage off the floor on Friday night, and that left Mark with Saturday (his only day off) to do the rest. Let’s just say that Saturday ended up being a repair day, not a laying laminate day. And on Sunday, he didn’t get a chance to start working on the floor again until he got home from his cleaning jobs. So by Sunday night, after we were all tired, stressed from trying to keep the boys out of the living room and off of Mark’s work, we decided that I had to help Mark as two hands were not enough. And as of today, we have a hallway, but no living room. The hall looks really nice though!

And what always strikes me when Mark and I get time together, which is not ofen, is how good it is for couples to do things together. And I know that sounds like duh, hello, that’s obvious. But in the midst of caring for two little people, working our main jobs and side jobs, getting a child to and from school, household duties, etc., there is not a lot of time for mom and dad. We always eat dinner together as a family, and that’s our family time. But it’s not couple time. And as baby #3’s arrival approaches, it’s going to get even more chaotic and busy. Mark and Micah time will get even smaller if we’re not careful. So I pondered that as we laid laminate together. I marveled at the fact that earlier that morning, on the way to church, we had grumbled at each other as it had been a stressful morning of trying to even get to our closets to get our clothes, digging through piles to find shoes, throwing some kind of breakfast together amongst wrenches and blocks of wood. And the day only became more stressful, especially after two long rows of laminate had been laid, and we realized that all of it had to be redone to fix an error. None of that is easy to work through when there are four people involved, especially when two are quite demanding. Yet after the boys went to bed, the house was quiet, and Mark and I worked together to make some headway, we were able to just enjoy the simple fact of being together and working toward a goal together. That is so good. That is what life is about. And I think we forget that don’t need just more date nights or more specified times together, but we do need to take advantage of the short few hours after the boys are in bed so that we can unwind, talk about our day, and see how each one is doing. We can do the dishes together and chat. Or sit and menu plan together and still unwind. There are ways to be together more often; if we would just remember to take advantage of the moments that we have.

Many times lately, I find myself taking a few minutes to just watch Ezra as he is growing and learning so quickly. I marvel at how little he is, yet how advanced he is. I wish I had enjoyed so much of his babyhood as it flew by. I try to make my mind remember every detail of what he is like now as he is so cute. I will miss this little person that he is. Then I look at my big boy who is defintiely a kid and not a toddler at all. His brain takes in everything, and he things through so much. I realize that this is the time to be training him and imparting all of what we know about God into him. It’s not an easy task. And I look at my husband, this man that I’ve known for 7 years. He and I have been through so much together, and the last few years have been exhausting. I can see his tiredness, and I pray that things will change shortly for us as we can’t handle this pace of 4 jobs much longer. I know that there is so much more that he would rather do than spend his time dealing with insurance companies as his day job and cleaning offices as his weekend jobs. There’s so much creativity in him that is supposed to be flowing out; if only he had the time. As much as he and I have changed since we’ve met, I so appreciate the depth in our marriage. I so appreciate that he has been with me through the times of being sick, through the ugly moments of dealing with cross-cultural moves, through the tears of immigration stress, through traumatic childbirths, newborn sleepless nights, toddler tantrums, and crazy busy lives. I am so blessed by all three of the men in my life. So blessed. I cherish every moment that we have together, and I’m working to be more purposeful in making the most of all our moments as they go by too quickly.

So if you’ve made it this far and if you are still reading, I’m just writing to say that it’s been a hectic week. Home remodel is not my thing. DIY is for the birds . . . and I’ve lost any desire to start on the kitchen floor. BUT in a few days, we will have a beautiful, dog friendly, toddler friendly, new floor. The hard work will be worth the effort. I will find my shoes again. I will feel like I’m not losing my brain in all the chaos. And my husband will get to sleep at some point. And as I seem to be learning over and over right now, the key to all of life is the daily, moment by moment, realization that God is always good to us, He is always loving on us, blessing us, and caring for us. There is such beauty even in what feels like mega chaos. He has gifted each of us with such wonderful people in our lives (whether we have kids, husbands, parents, siblings, or just great friends), and the Creator of the Universe just loves and adores us. That alone is breathtaking. That gets us through the difficult Monday mornings, the toddler meltdowns, and the difficulties of a 1971 house. 🙂 How blessed are we to know a God who cares about every moment that we have? How blessed?

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