I’m sure every homeowner has horror stories of remodels going wrong, dealing with some sort of infestation, or everything in the house malfunctioning at once. I’m convinced that March/April is the time for appliances and home repairs to happen while cars break down in October/November. That seems to be the pattern that we’ve been living for the past few years at least.

Last night, our bathroom remodel went terribly wrong. We had a plumber in to help us, and I was sitting on the couch working on letters with the boys when I heard water spraying all over the bathroom, the newly laid/half finished floor, and the brand new vanity. Sure enough, something happened and when the plumber turned the water on, the new piping wasn’t connected or burst or I don’t know. But everything was soaked. I immediately texted Mark with “You need to come home right NOW!!!!” And I had just congratulated myself on getting caught up with getting all the laundry done and put away when I had to bring out all the towels and use them to clean up the big mess of water everywhere. So after that, the boys and I hopped in the car and went and bought a pizza. Only so much stress that one person can handle . . .

Two hours later, Mark goes down to the crawl space to make sure it did not flood, and he discovered a ton (no exaggeration) of black widow nests. Nice.

So our “budget” remodel has way exceeded our budget, taken far longer than planned, and I’m ready to move out today. I’m ready to find a nice, clean, no maintenance needed apartment. And then I will be happy, happy.

Anyway, needless to say, I woke up not really want to get out of bed at all. I was tempted to call Ryder’s school and say that we’re staying home. Tempted to call my work and have a “stress day”. But I didn’t. And my kids are definitely feeling the stress as everyone had a meltdown this morning as we tried to get ready. I felt like having one myself. BUT I keep reminding myself that situations like these are always chances to grow. In this particular situation, it’s a great chance to keep my heart right, to not stress about finances, to not fret or worry, but to just get on with it. This week has felt disastrous, and we now start all over with the remodel. But the one silver lining is that we took back the original $200 tile that we had chosen and decided to go with a $30 vinyl tile instead. So we only lost $30; way better than losing $200!!! And had all this not happened, we wouldn’t know that we’re sleeping right on top of a zillion black widows. So . . . we can be thankful regardless of how we feel.

We’ve known that we need to get this house sold and move forward, and I think this week has clearly cemented that decision. We have a lot of repair/remodel ahead of us, and it won’t be fun or easy. Nor will we get to really enjoy the end result for long. But when we finally get this house sold, we’ll breathe so much easier when we’re out of debt. I know that will be a huge load lifted. And I  will feel good about getting our first home into tip top shape before we pass it on. It will feel like a great accomplishment. So onward ho . . . nothing is as bad as it could be. I can always choose to walk in love, peace, and joy regardless of the trials, and I am getting a great practice run at that right now.

So I’m saying all of this to say that I used to be so very uptight, so worried about finances, so wanting everything to be perfect that had yesterday happened a year or 5 years ago I would have been depressed, discouraged, down and out and who knows what for quite some time. Did last night bum me out? Yeah, for a bit. But am I staying there? No way, Jose!! We’re getting on with it. My body can no longer tolerate stress like it used to, and I know that. Nor can my kids tolerate a stressed out mommy. But more importantly, it’s not worth it to get stressed about it. It doesn’t affect anything but our checkbook and our use of our only bathroom. Are those inconveniences? Yes, completely. But they’re not the end of the world. I’m choosing to keep my peace. Choosing to not be ruled by my circumstances. Choosing to rejoice in all things. And choosing to trust that it’ll all work out in the end. So if you stuck with me this far, then thank you for letting me share! Happy Friday and I hope to get back to real blogging next week!!

And yes, I did bake cookies last night before going to bed. Chocolate helps everything . . . 🙂


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