[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] D[/dropcap]oes anyone else wonder what the point is of having a Thursday? It’s not a Friday, not the middle of the week, not anything much really. Rarely do exciting things happen on Thursdays  . . .  Normally, a Thursday for us means that Mark takes R to school, then hangs out with E until I got off work, then he hands E over and heads to work, while I head to pick R up. And almost every Thursday, the first words out of R’s mouth when he sees me at school are “Why are YOU picking me up?” Nice, huh? Occasionally a good punch to my leg follows, which shocks his teacher as he’s always a “delight” at school. And yet I still take him for ice cream or to the park as that’s what love is, right? And yet today is not a normal Thursday because it’s Spring Break; who knew that preschoolers had Spring Break? So my almost 4 year old walked me to the door this morning and gave me a long list of instructions that consisted of watching for cars and car crashes, and if my car doesn’t start (it didn’t yesterday), then come back to the door and tell him, and if I forget my banana, just come back to the door and he’ll sort it out. That was followed with “BYE-YA!” And I actually got a real kiss from my firstborn (a rare event) . . . again, that’s what love is. You take the bad with the good and relish the really good moments. The good moments of motherhood are fantastic, and the bad ones are humbling and pretty miserable. Yet the combo of the two really teaches what it means to love someone unconditionally.

And speaking of love, I’m ever so thankful to be married to such a good guy. My husband consistently seeks to grow in his walk with God, consistently chooses to be kind and loving, and always serves. Over the past few months, he has had many long nights of working late, getting home to bathe the boys, put them to bed, wash the dishes, and then help tidy the house. He has worked while I’ve been passed out, exhausted, on the recliner, and he never complains. He’s working a challenging job, plus side jobs, and putting in 100% to parent and take care of our house and be a loving husband/companion. I love and appreciate him more every day. If you’re not married and are looking for a husband, find a good one!! They are out there . . . ask God to lead you to him.

Lastly, speaking of good men. My Gramps would have been 83 today. He’s been gone 5 years now, and I miss him every day. I look at my firstborn who is named after his great grandfather and I know how much the two of them would have loved meeting and playing. I then look at my second born and how he moves like his grandfather and I thank the Lord for genes and that I can see my Gramps in my son. It does my heart so much good. I know Gramps is happy, happy in heaven. I just hope that he’s somehow getting a glimpse of us, but that’s probably wishful thinking for me as I just wish that he could have met my kids. It just makes me look forward to heaven even more as he is the second person I want to see when I arrive; the first being Jesus.

And very lastly, I keep saying that I’m going to stop reading the news, stop watching politics, stop getting my blood pressure up at all the garbage that our media is presenting, all the yuckiness that our politicians are trying to pass, and just be Kingdom focused and Kingdom oriented. It’s hard though as I’m always drawn to politics, yet there’s nothing much good in any of it. Our country desperately needs to see God. Our culture needs Jesus. And I would be far wiser to dig deeper into Him and to let my light shine brighter. So it may take me a few days to pull out, but I’m slowly replacing my daily news reading with the Word, with positive devotions, and listening more to worship music. I don’t want to be ignorant, and I do want to watch and pray. But I also want to keep my stress down . . . and it all stresses me out as it’s mega concerning. I don’t want to be an exploding verbal cannon if someone around me mentions illegal immigration or full term abortion or pedophilia as a sexual orientation . . . so let’s just stop there.

Happy Thursday! Hope you all are growing and blessed. Leaving you with a photo of my youngest at Chick-fil-A. For some silly reason, I spaced out the fact that this week is Spring Break, and after having my kids at work with me yesterday, decided to take them over to Chick-fil-A as a special treat. It was a crazy mad house of kids, and my boys loved it. More kids = more happiness for them. So here’s E, the social introvert, taking a break from playing and studying the games instead. I LOVE this boy . . . tantrums, “no, I do it!” and all.

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