Last week was a zinger . . . had to say goodbye to our dog of 15 years, had to replace the hot water heater, received word back regarding the boys’ British passports and for no apparent reason, we were required to resubmit our paperwork, and on it went, ending with a puking 5 year old. By Friday night, I was just totally worn out. FRIED.

Not to mention that I’ve had insomnia for about 3 weeks now, which is is misery, and is my fault because I know I’ve just let in too much stuff. Instead of sleeping, I find myself praying about Scotland and worrying about this new parenting law they’ve passed, then I start thinking about walking through the City Centre with my three little ones and what if I lose one, then what if Zoya does terrible on the flight over, what if our house fails inspection and we have to replace something super expensive, and it just gets ridiculous. I then go over all the fear and worry scripture I know until I fall asleep. But really, I know that I need to stop reading the news, stop getting on to social media, stop reading about politics, and just stop doing whatever else that is just not necessary or helpful right now . . .

And over and over, I’ve had this feeling that I’m going to have to start watching what I spend my time on and what I allow myself to be distracted by, because once January hits, we will be swimming as fast as we can as we will have so much to do. Then a few weeks ago, my dad started doing a teaching series on Focus, which seemed to just nail the message in further. It’s time to eliminate the distractions. Like any good soldier or any good athlete, it’s time to get focused on this race that we are running. And so I’ve been praying, pondering, and evaluating what I spend my time and energy on. I’ve also been deliberating over what I need to cut out and what should remain. I’ve noticed that some parts of social media/internet stir up yucky feelings that I don’t need, so that should be the first to go. Reading the news should be the second to go. I may sleep better once those two are eliminated.

But even more than just the steps of eliminating what’s harmful, I also need to increase my input of the Word and worship. Fasting has been something that I used to be able to do on a regular basis, but I’m finding it really hard right now with kids and our busy schedule. Yet I’m also longing to fast! I can’t ignore or delay that anymore. It’s time to get serious.

So this morning, the first scripture I read was “A heart at peace gives life to the body . . . ” Proverbs 14:30. And as soon as I read it, my whole being said “HELLO!!!” It’s time to eliminate everything (where at all possible) that causes me anything but peace. I want to live and walk in peace; my family needs me to be peaceful, especially at this time and in this season. The health of my body requires peace. I need to hear from the Lord, I need to be led by His Spirit, and in order to do so, I need to be walking in peace. So I guess this is really an early New Year’s Resolution post as this is the one thing that I’m going to focus on from now until June with hopes that this will become the way that I simply do life. I want to be a peace filled person rather than a distracted, stress filled one.

And to all of you who may read this, I wish you a very Happy Christmas. May you know how much God deeply loves you, how much He has called you to be His son or daughter, what a great, loving Father He is, and may His love fill you and flow out of you during this Holiday season. Merry Christmas from our little home to yours.

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