So weird thing this week . . . I’ve just passed from week 9 to week 10 of pregnancy, and I feel great! Besides the occasional ache or pain and the usual tiredness, I feel really good! It’s very odd to me. I keep feeling my stomach and asking if anything is in there. I look like I’ve put on two or three pounds but that’s it! I kind of wish that I had a bigger belly, so I could see something. According to all the reading that I’ve done, the baby should be a little bigger than a raspberry now, and it’s mostly fully formed. How amazing is that?! If we could see it with a microscope, we could see if it’s a boy or a girl. I think it’s quite wonderful. Even more wonderful is how my mom bought the first girly outfit today . . . we all think it’s a girl. All but Mark. So we’ll have a major shocker if it’s a boy. I’m excited to see the first little outfit for our baby. If it’s a boy, then we’ll use it for our girl (I will have a girl at some point in my life.)

That’s my fun news for the day.

Oh and last thing . . . since our baby is grandbaby number 12 on the Hayden side, we knew that the news of another Hayden wouldn’t be super exciting to our British family. So we decided to send our Christmas cards early, and inside of each card, we taped a picture of the 6 week ultrasound (which looks like a big blob). Then we signed the cards “from the three of us.” It took the family a while to figure it out. And even though Mark’s mom is very happy and excited for us, Mark’s dad had a different outlook. He has decided that he is going to start using contraceptives so that he won’t have any more grandbabies. 🙂 So there we go . . . every family has to have a corker. And we have an Irish one.

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  1. 10 weeks already! It seems to being flying by to me. You’re almost in your 2nd trimester – so exciting!! And I’m so thrilled for you that you’re feeling great – for the most part. That is awesome! I can’t wait to see you with your little bump as it gets bigger and bigger!! You’re going to be super cute xoxo

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