Today was Ezra’s 9 month check-up. How is my boy already 9 months old?! For the first time in my sons’ lives, I did not go to the doctor appointment. Markus (my affectionate nickname for him) took them as Thursday mornings are his mornings with the boys. I wrote out notes for the doctor and wanted to specifically address our feeding trouble as I’m fed up with trying to give Ezzy a bottle. The doctor said it was perfectly fine to move over to a sippy cup, which I’ve been trying already, and gave a few ideas on how to help with getting Ezra to get in enough calories. Meat being a big one as Ezra, like his brother and mommy, is a bit anemic as well. So Mark came home with lots of notes for me, and now, I get to spend $$$ on trying out more sippy cups until we find one that he likes. (Does this sound familiar as we went through this with Ryder as well?)

When Ryder was born, he had to see a sucking specialist as he would not latch on to breastfeed. He latched on once – I have a very clear memory of it as it was so shocking. They said that I was not able to trigger his sucking reflex. So I pumped while we used every breastfeeding tool imaginable, then went on to very specific bottls and pacifiers. All the lactation and sucking specialists and midwives assured me that the second child would be different. Right . . . Ezzy latched on twice. Enough to get us released from the hospital where it all went down hill from there. And besides sucking his thumb, he has had no desire to suck anything ever. At 3 months old, after everyone giving up on trying to get him to take a bottle, I finally found a bottle nipple that he would take. He has used those (with the holes being stretched by me every few weeks) ever since. But now, he’s just over it. And he’s old enough to push it away, push me away, and not budge his lips. So I get it. He’s done. Fair enough. He just wants his mommy to work harder at feeding him good calorie, nutritious foods that can be eaten when one only has two teeth. No problem . . .

Makes me want to have a third baby . . . right?

Yet then I think about friends that I have that are going through hard things, friends who have children who are going through health issues, friends of friends who have gone through traumatic health issues, and I think wow, this is no big deal. Ezzy is healthy and happy. That is a lot to be thankful for. A LOT!!! And it puts it all into perspective. And I’m realizing that life is all about perspective. God is teaching me a lot about the focus of my life, the focus of my lens as I view every aspect of life. Suddenly, being a working mom is not bad. I’m realizing that whether we sell our house or refinance it doesn’t really matter. Either way, we’ll have a roof over our heads. If we continue to have bills pour in, God will continue to make sure they’re paid. Life is looking a lot differently to me lately. It’s kind of amazing really. 🙂

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