This week has not turned out at all like an average week for us. Yes, it’s been as busy as ever, but it’s brought some good news and bad news. The good news is very, very good. The bad news is well . . . disappointing. Added to that, we had to buy new sets of tires for both cars and get both cars aligned, and Ryder caught a very bad cold. However, this week has also brought a bit of relief. Like I’ve felt hope and can see light at the end of the tunnel. And that is very, very good.

So last night as I was baking cookies for the Justice Project outing on Saturday and Mark was researching elevators (long story), we were just chatting about our week, about upcoming things, about decisions that needed to be made, and I asked him if he had made any progress in a certain area. He just shook his head and says, “I’m so burned out already.” And it just hit me funny. Like finally, he admits that he’s burned out!! 🙂 So I laughed, and we moved on to the next topic. I then proceeded to say something that hit him funny, and he commented on how “on form” I was in my joke telling and being humourous throughout our conversation. I wasn’t trying to be funny; the humour was rolling out naturally because finally for the first time in a long while I felt light hearted. And what a feeling that is. To have casted all your cares on the Lord, to know that He hears, to know that He answers, and to know that He has it all under control is quite the place to be.

So regardless of all that I’ve got going on today . . . work, taking care of a sick little one, still needing to bake more cookies, paying bills, running errands, etc. . . . I can rest and go about my day knowing that my God is able. He’s able to bring us through all of our ups and downs; He’s able to bring joy amongst the disappointment, peace in the middle of uncertainity, and jokes in the middle of seriousness. I’m grateful for Him today. 🙂

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