On the way to work this morning, I realized I should update the blog before I have a newborn and no time. ๐Ÿ™‚ So here goes –

Zoya – Thank the Lord that Zoya seems to only have picked up giardia from the dog park. So her vet bill was pricey, but she’s feeling pretty peppy now. So peppy that she almost got banned from this house week as I’ve had it with her and Ryde collaborating to get toys out in the yard so that Zoyz can eat them. So the current sister-d (nice word for diarrhea that we learned in Papua New Guinea) is her own fault. ๐Ÿ™‚

Baby Ez – My boy had been in perfect position (key for someone hoping to have a successful VBAC) for months only to decide to flip sides on us this week. Sheesh man . . . the mid-wife could not even tell how he was faced, what he was doing, or why he’s moving so much when it should be so tight for him to still be squirming. So we’re trusting (and doing lots of exercises to help) that he’ll get back in good position as soon as possible. And the mid-wives will let me go 41 weeks before turning me over to an obstetrician for a c-section, so that’s good in case Ezra decides to hang out for a while with Mommy.

Me – Besides major mood swings and a very short temper, I’ve felt pretty good. Feeling quite hopeful, at peace, trusting that God knows my body, my heart, and my faith. He knows the kind of labor and delivery I’m praying for, and I feel good and hopeful at the thought of a shorter labor, natural delivery, and getting to go home after only a day or two at the hospital. I love, love the thought of coming home to recover from childbirth only and not both childbirth and major abdominal surgery. Yet at the same time, I won’t be crushed if things don’t go my way. I’m just quietly confident.

Work – I’ve been filling in for Kelly and doing my own job this week, which has made it crazy busy. But the family has stepped in to help take Ryder 4 days this week. Can I just say how human and normal I’ve felt this week? So nice to have some quiet time and just work.

And that’s really all I’ve got. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just thankful that God gives us grace, teaches us every day, and doesn’t look down on us for asking for daily help. Thankful to serve a wonderfully patient, wise, all-loving God.

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