I need to somehow categorize this blog, and I need to go back and write posts for important events in life . . . maybe someday when I’m less busy.

We’re in the midst of trip planning as we’re overdue on visiting our beloved UK family. I’m almost afraid to see how much our 11 nieces and nephews and now 2 great-nieces and nephews have grown since we left. The nephew who is closest to Ryder’s age will be 8 years old, and the great niece that was 2 when we left is now in school!! Augh. How does that happen?!?

And how do airline tickets almost double in price in 3 years. Sheesh louise, it’s going to cost us a small fortune to see our family. Yet I feel it in my bones that we have to, have to, have to go this year. Mark’s dad will be 80, so we have to go. Mark needs to see his sisters. We need our kids to meet their cousins and get in some grandad/nana time. So it’s going to take a lot of scraping and saving of pennies, but it’ll be worth it.

I just hope though that Ryder will remember this trip. He flew to the UK at 4.5 months, he flew to California at 9 months, and he flew to New York at 15 months. He won’t remember any of those trips. 🙁 Ezzy won’t remember going to the UK at 16 months. It makes my heart hurt as time with family is so important, so special. I want my kids to know how much their British family loves them. I want them to know how much their great auntie and uncle in New York love them. The one thing that holds me back from fully wanting a 3rd baby is the cost of travel with 3 kids. We’re already having to pay for a full ticket for Ryder, and in another year, it’ll be a full ticket for Ezra. That’s painful to think about. But more painful is the thought of them not knowing Mark’s family.

Anyway, so I feel like the next 6 months will be spent with time at garage sales (looking for some reclining, lightweight, easy to travel strollers), time working on a tighter budget so that we can save, time spent considering good travel toys, entertainment ideas, and ways to prepare both boys for a 9 hour + flight. I actually feel like Ryder will do really well traveling, but knowing how it was traveling with Ryde at 15 months to NY, I’m more nervous about traveling with an active Ezra. A long airplane ride with babies is not exactly the funnest thing ever . . . but we will have a set of grandparents and an auntie to help.

And my family will finally meet Mark’s family! That’s an amazing thought. 🙂

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