[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] I[/dropcap]t’s so nice to have a voice back and not be coughing a lung every night. Besides multiple trips to the loo, I’ve actually had some sleep over the past few nights and am starting to feel somewhat rested. Plus, daily naps are helping as well. I’m always thankful for my health after recovering from some long, silly, ridiculous, gross sick bug. The boys have been walking around with runny noses and little coughs, and I’m praying it doesn’t go beyond that as we need a healthy home for Babes to come into. Plus, I don’t want them getting what I’ve just been through as it was ugly . . .

Anyway, it’s been a common question over the last few weeks to hear one of the boys say, “Mommy are you sick today?” Finally, I was able to tell Ryder that I’m not sick, just tired now because Baby is coming. He nods his head like he totally understands; he’s such a trooper. He has been getting up at 5:45 every morning, and he’s having to learn to not get the rest of the family up, especially his brother who needs far more sleep. This morning, he stayed in bed till 7, then decided to throw a birthday party in our bed while I stayed under the covers. The boys brought all their blankets, pillows, and Rescue Bots and had a party in bed. I just laid there and watched them. I’m so thankful for my guys. Every night, my thankfulness for them increases; even on the days when Mr. Two Year Old is in a mood. I love watching them play, use their imaginations, and enjoy each other and life. I’m trying to enjoy every second of it just being me with my three guys. Our world has yet to be invaded with princesses, pink, and all things girly, so I want to make the most of this time today.

Yet I’m also aware of how quickly time goes by, and before we know it, the girly invasion will have started. It seems like the last 38 weeks have really flown by, and I’m in a mixed state of emotions as I want the next two weeks to go quickly and slowly together. I don’t look forward to delivery day, but I do so look forward to seeing Miss E.B.’s face. That’s what gets us through all things pregnancy/labor/delivery related, and I’m ready. I also feel though that we’re in this till August. Maybe she’ll give us a big surprise, but right now, she seems quite happy in her current spot. So we’re all playing the waiting game, and it feels like a major transition time in our home. We all feel it, even Zoya, who has become my best friend lately, and that’s not how it usually goes. She’s a daddy’s girl, yet lately, she follows me around, wants my attention, and sleeps by my side of the bed. Funny how that goes . . . it’s always interesting how dogs seem to have a feel of what is happening around the house. She’s always been Miss Alpha, who thinks that I’m below her, and I hope that she loves the baby as much as she loves the boys. Hopefully, her sense of who the girls are in the family won’t kick in or something?

Lastly, and enough about me, if you follow politics, government, etc. at all, you know that it’s been quite the big month in the US. Abortion, immigration, the Zimmerman/Martin case, etc. are all taking up the news. I try to avoid it all, but I’m drawn to politics like a fly is drawn to flypaper . . . Yet the more I read, the more disturbed I become, the more concerned I am for our nation, the more my heart cries out for people to come to know Jesus. Our country needs Jesus, and they don’t even know it. Hatred, racism, worship of self, needing one’s own rights, etc. is so prevalent in our society; it’s yucky. So I’ve felt this tugging to do less politics and more soul/spirit/revival work so that God can be seen through me to our neighbors, our locals that we encounter every day. It’s hard as I’m not American minded; I don’t have a heart for my own countrymen. I actually rather dislike them for the most part. I have a heart for those who are obviously needy, and most Americans don’t see any need for God at all. So I’d rather daydream about France and meeting the homeless, dream about a trip to Africa to hold babies, dream about getting to minister to young moms who need love. Yet the reality of it is that I’m not there; I’m here. And here is where God’s love is needed. He hasn’t forgotten the US. He loves this country, and His heart breaks as well. So it’s time to step it up and allow Him to pour out on those He wants to love. Nothing will ever change if we don’t allow Him to change us and pour through us first. People need to SEE Him. Not just hear what they should or shouldn’t do. They need to see love as God is all that encompasses love, yet He’s chosen us to be His vessels of love. So how much time do I put into letting Him just work on me? How much time of intimate, getting a glimpse of His heart, closeness goes into my day? I think that’s been the question of 2013 for me. And this year is more than half over . . . so it would be expedient for me to do it now. Not later.

Oh, and P.S. – the boys did fantastic in their swim classes! I failed to make a cake or cupcakes for R’s birthday, but we’re doing cupcakes for him to take to his cousins’ (my first cousins once removed . . . whatever that makes our kids – second cousins?). And overall, he had quite a fun day as Chan and Pop treated the boys to a great day of bumper boats, race cars, etc. How big of a blessing are grandparents?!

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