[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] S[/dropcap]ince I’m in a baking and thinking mode, I stayed up last night to bake chocolate chip cookies and to process while doing so. And amazingly, I woke up this morning with a clear heart and head that realizes what I’ve been trying to get at in all of my processing. So let’s see if I can clearly communicate it.

I will be the first to admit that I waste a lot of time. I read too many news articles, read too many tweets, check facebook too often, and really need to balance all of it. And yesterday, while doing one of the above, I happened upon an article that is circulating online. It’s from a yucky source, but a Christian site posted the article to get people’s thoughts and to start a conversation. When I saw the post and read the article, I found myself sick to my stomach. And the reason was this: it’s far too easy to post a thought or an article online and then want to get validation and agreement on why that thought or article is so right on. Yet we forget that people are watching and reading what we post. As Christians, we have a responsibility to post thoughts that are edifying and encouraging. When we write things that rip other Christians apart or that spread slander or gossip, we’re damaging the Body of Christ and proving to the world that we are petty, yucky, hypocritical people. Why would they want any of what we have? I see way too much of this on facebook and twitter, and it finally got to me last night.

Yet more than that, it reminded me that I don’t want any part of petty criticism, unkindness, or even simply opening my mouth when I don’t need to. If there’s nothing beneficial of what I have to say, then I don’t need to say it. Simple as that. So I repented for my own mouth, which I’ve let get out of control lately, and determined that if there’s nothing positive on facebook or twitter, then I don’t need to be there.

And I realized that I want to be intentional in my daily living of life. I read a book on parenting last night that also talked about being intentional in how we raise our children, and the book amazed me in the sense that the parents knew what their priorities were in their family, knew their intentions in how they would raise godly children, and took the time to put it all together. They purposed to raise children who would know the Lord, know their giftings, and know how to funnel their love for God and their giftings together to serve and love people. Hello, that’s my heart. Yet it doesn’t happen without the parents being full of purpose and walking out their intentions. That’s a day by day, step by step job.

It’s a job that also requires that I be full of intention and purpose in my spiritual life. I saw a quote by Bill Johnson that summed it up perfectly: “Transformed minds transform people. Transformed people transform cities.” My dad has always talked so much about renewing our minds; getting them conformed to the Word of God. It’s easy to hear that, yet not realize how immensely true and vital it is to do it every single day. Yet through transforming our minds so that they line up with the Word, we transform our hearts and our actions. As I submit to Him, He changes my reactions. He transforms the way I respond, the way I think, and the way I interact with others. That affects how I deal with people around me, specifically my children, but also anyone else I meet. I want to be transformed. I want all impatience, pettiness, criticisms, unkindness, etc. out, and I want them replaced with patience, kindness, peace, sweet words, loving actions. I want people to meet me and say wow, she was so encouraging and so kind; I wish others were like her. I want Jesus to be who people see when they see me.

Lastly, I’ve been soaking in this song, which completely sums it up for where it’s at for me. I’ll just post the lyrics and add the link to the song below:

“To Be Like You” from Glorious Ruins by Hillsong Live –
Humble King
Holy One
Friend of sinners
God’s own Son
God in flesh
Among men
You walked my road
You understand

Servant King
Friend to me
You saved my soul
Washed my feet
Here I’ll bow
Give all to You
Lord I want
To be like You

All I want
All I need
More of You
Less of me
Take this life
Lord it’s Yours
Have my heart
Have it all

I will walk
In Your ways
Love Your word
Seek Your face
My reward
My sole pursuit
To know You more
To be like You

Jesus Jesus
All I want is to be like You

One thought on “to be intentional

  1. Hi Micah. It took me years to learn that I couldn’t change anything until I acknowledge to myself that I needed to be changed. Then I needed to realized that I couldn’t change anything without God’s help. Being transformed can take a very long time or it can happen quickly depending on what needs to be transformed.

    You have such an opened heart. If you are ready to do the work Micah believe me God is so ready to work with you. It is a journey. It is not easy. It is worth it. It is wonderful. You know when something changes when one day someone says something to you out of the blue that is different about you. Or like I no longer have desires for things I had addictions too. I am dumbfounded. I don’t even know when it changed. All I know is it took a lot of praying, reading the word and crying out to Jesus to change me. I kept doing the work.

    You are also right about things posted on FB that get us all upset. I find that I don’t get to upset anymore. God is changing me in that area. I asked God to show me what it is that makes me upset. Then I process it. Then I delete it. Not my problem. You should try it.

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