[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] S [/dropcap]o I’ve recently risen from the look and feel of being “death warmed over” – in other words, I’m a recent flu survivor. If you haven’t had the flu, or the stomach flu, or shingles lately, you’re blessed. Simply put. BLESSED. We now have a large banner over our house that says “ATTENTION all sickness, viruses, bugs, and disease: you are not wanted or welcome. Stay away!!” Actually, we do have one of those in the spiritual realm as we’ve been speaking over our children that sickness shall stay far from their midst. Praying Psalm 91 is vital at all times of life.

Anyway, in order to keep this blog alive, I’ll be writing out randomness . . . if my rambling gets boring, head over to the Pioneer Woman’s site. She’s doing another cowboy boot giveaway. Or hit the Design Mom blog as she recently did another post on living with children (and the lady has a phenomenal kitchen) . . .

– I’d love a redo to start 2013 over. Spending 5 days in bed was not how I wanted to get my year going. Our house looks like a war zone with clothing and stuff everywhere. It almost caused me to stay in bed another day; just because I didn’t know where to even start on getting it clean.

– The great thaw of our backyard has begun, which means that Zoya lives in a mudhole, which means that my kitchen is now also a mudhole. Ugh. I don’t love winter. Ever.

– My husband and I have made a home improvement list as we do plan to sell our house in the next 2 years. It needs a ton of work, so it’ll take about 2 years for us to do all that needs to be done. I saved all my Christmas money, and we made a trip down to Ikea this past weekend. We’ll be redoing Ryder’s room and making it into Ryder + Ezra’s room shortly. So we bought a new bookcase/cubby hole organizer for them as we’re going to merge their books and small toys into one space. Hopefully, this will be a great help in doing that. Also, I figure that it might be good timing to hang family pictures in our house (before we leave it), so we bought a bunch of picture frames. And seeing how we’re in this great purge before baby comes, it seems like good timing to throw out all the baby cutlery/sippy cups/plates that both boys have used and start over. Ikea had some great deals on that too. So we brought a load of stuff home, and Mark has diligently been cleaning, rearranging, and helping his pregnant wife to get garbage and clutter out. The Christmas tree hit the bin last night; thank the Lord as the table that it’s been sitting on is going into the for sale pile. Did I mention that we’re also putting a lot of our furniture up for sale? Yeah, let’s hope our attempts at craigslist go well.

– I got a large pile of books for Christmas, and I’ve taken my time in getting through them. But I just need to say that I’m in book heaven as I got the latest books by some of my favorite authors. Reading is my hobby, but it’s also my door to creativity as I love exploring other worlds through books. And speaking of purging, how does a book lover purge when one considers books to be treasures? Great dilemma.

– I’ve really been dreaming of Europe lately. Thinking, praying, considering what we would do if we moved there. Prayerfully, looking to see what the spiritual needs are and how we could be lights and salt to that part of the earth. We need to learn French, and that’s about all I know. But it’s a step, so we need to take it and see where it goes.

– My husband and I celebrated 6 years of marriage this past weekend. And the way that our weekend went completely summarized why I love my husband so much. We had big plans to spend a fun evening in downtown Denver, followed with a night at a fancy hotel, then breakfast, coffee, walking along Larimer, going to the Tattered Cover, then hitting Ikea. Well, we got dinner together and Ikea. That was about it. I felt so bad after dinner that we headed right back to our hotel, and randomly ended up watching “Househunters International” as a couple looked for a house in Scotland, which was very appropriate for us. Yet Mark never complained, and if anything, we both keenly felt so strongly that we’re just happy to be together. I’m so thankful for him, so happy to have him in my life. He is my partner in every sense of the word, and I feel mega blessed to be his wife. So the weekend wasn’t much, but it was enough.

– I finally have my first appointment to see the mid-wives on Friday. I’m 11 weeks along, and so I’m hoping/trusting to get to hear baby’s heartbeat. I’m kind of dreading the appointment as they’ve already told me that it will be a rehashing of my health history, childbirth history, going over the fact that again I want to try for a vaginal birth, which means I fall under the category of a VBAC and all that entails. I have questions about Ezra’s birth that I’d like to hear thoughts on, but I’m not really ready to dive into all of that yet as it could be overwhelming. I just want to hear my sweet babe. And our first payment for baby’s birth is due on Friday as well. Yet I don’t feel overwhelmed or undone. God knows; He’s our Provider. He hasn’t failed us yet, and I know He won’t start now.

And in conclusion, I think the biggest change from January of 2012 to today is that I’m very different than I was a year ago. I’m no longer the glass-is-half-empty type girl. I’m a realist, but I’ve got great faith that our God will see us through. I’ve never been afraid of challenge, but I’ve never known as well as I do now who I am in Christ. I KNOW Whose we are. I know that the enemy is under our feet and we are more than conquerors. I know that we walk in covenant with a covenant keeping God who is so good in His faithfulness, kindness, and goodness. I know what all Jesus accomplished for us on the cross. I have a lot more to learn, but this soldier is growing in maturity. We’ve been through hard days, but we’ve been strengthened. There will certainly be more hard days ahead, but there are also amazing days ahead. I look forward to those. And when fear comes knocking at my door, I say no way, man. This lady is not fear ruled; she’s faith fueled. And that, my friends, is most definitely the beauty of progress. 😉

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