1. There is a reason for waddling . . . I don’t know what it is exactly, but it just happens and needs to happen in order to take the pressure off the back. My back feels so much better now that I waddle.
2. There are a huge amount of uncomfortable chairs in the world. Avoid metal chairs, hard back chairs, wooden chairs, etc. at all costs. Big, deep, comfy couches are also to be avoided.
3. Areas of the body (that I never knew even existed) can hurt and be sore.
4. The body mysteriously changes itself into a mom body. I miss my old body . . .
5. Cravings are random, bizarre, and unexplainable; it’s best to not give into them. But it’s really hard not to either.
6. Sleeping is about impossible until I’ve hit the point of exhaustion. I feel like the past 35 weeks have been the most tiring of my life. Yet for some reason, I’ve had more energy in the 3rd trimester than I did in the previous trimesters.
7. A pregnant woman feels the need to pee almost always . . . whether she actually needs to or not.
8. The baby actually can kick and press on my bladder. Not fun!
9. The baby can also kick the ribs and anything else near them – again not fun.
10. I miss my baby when he’s not moving. Somehow I’ve tuned in to his movements, so that I’m always aware of him.
11. Every position – sitting, standing, walking, lying down – becomes uncomfortable after a certain amount of time.
12. Everywhere I go, I meet the nicest people. I’ve talked to more random strangers about their children, my baby, being pregnant, etc. than I ever talked to before being pregnant. People are always willing to help a pregnant woman, and I actually like people more now than I did before becoming pregnant.
13. The maternal urge to protect the little person inside you kicks in as soon as you know you’re pregnant. I’ve fought a lot of fear regarding the health and safety of this little one, yet I’ve also come to a deeper trust in my God and His ability to protect my baby. I’ve also realized that the Lord loves this little one more than I do; that is a great comfort.
14. The bigger I get, the more I feel the baby move, the more I want to meet him. Yet on the other hand, I will miss him terribly when he’s no longer a part of me. Right now, I have mixed emotions about his arrival.
15. I wish that fathers got to experience half of what moms do. 🙂 I tell Mark all the time that I’d pay a lot of money for him to be pregnant for a week – a. because then he’d know how it feels, but b. because he’d also feel like he knows the baby.
16. You lose your sense of balance, stability (emotional and physical), brain power and sharpness, and really a lot of who you thought you were once you’re pregnant.
17. All moms can relate to each other. I never realized how motherhood bonds women.
18. I have wonderfully supportive friends who have allowed me to ask all kinds of questions; I value their input and their willingness to share about their experiences.
19. Pregnancy allows for a lot of growth and not just of the belly. It has caused me to grow, Mark to grow, and the two of us, as a couple, to grow. I love my husband more now than I ever have, and I realize now what a great help/support/love/friend he is. He finds me as beautiful now – with my large, veiny pregnant belly – as he ever has. He also has the patience of a saint as he has endured my fatigue, whining, emotional ups and downs, and physical limitations. He’s lost a lot of weight since I’ve been pregnant and hasn’t complained. 🙂
20. I’ve come to appreciate my mom more than I ever have. I realize more of why she loves us so much, what she has given up for us, and how she feels about us.
21. I’ve still got a lot to learn . . . my journey has only just started.
22. I can’t wait for my husband and family to meet this little guy . . .

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  1. Wow Mic! What wonderful and accurate observations. How very true. I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing.

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