I don’t know if there’s anything that aggravates me more than the internet. Actually, people on the internet. Actually, social media sites to be specific. So for over a year, I’ve been considering giving up facebook. Sounds like a weird dilemma, but there are so many out-of-town, out-of-country friends that I keep up with through e-mail on facebook that it makes for a hard dilemma. I really don’t like being online, don’t have time, don’t need to, etc. Yet it sucks me in. So I’m considering other options . . . . yet haven’t come up with any. 🙂 I just feel that overall, I’d like to be done with facebook and everyone’s opinions (mine included) on everything. Anyway, just had to state that . . . and that’s why I’m not on twitter, rarely am on pinterest, and have zero desire for an iphone. But a newer phone would be nice as my Nokia has about lost all power . . .

I miss the good old days of phone conversations, long emails, and receiving/mailing letters. Even more, I miss the old days of having no idea what people are up to every minute of the day. 🙂 Needing a lot more simplicity than what I have now; even if it makes me a hermit.

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