[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] I [/dropcap]’ve been in a quiet spell for a bit, so in order to keep this blog going, I thought I’d post some random thoughts.

Potty training – we are at a standstill with the potty. Ryder can pee and poo in the potty, but he simply chooses not to. He has always reacted to diapers. Huggies cause the least amount of breakout, but pull-ups seem to aggravate it further. So he’s miserable in his pull-ups, but he will not move forward. We don’t push, we just constantly suggest the potty, and about half the time, he’s up for it. He gets a gummi bear with every successful pee, and that helps. But he is needing to be potty trained by the fall in order to go to preschool. We’ve taken everyone’s advice to not push him, but I’m starting to wonder if we should just take the pull-ups away during the day while we’re home? But then what do we do while we’re out? If anyone has any tips, we’d gladly hear them. I would love to just keep Ryder home for a good week while he learns to use the toilet every time, but with our work/babysitter schedules, that’s just not an option. And I’m not up for him peeing in his car seat. So I’m feeling kind of clueless. If anyone has tips, please let me know.

Trip planning – we are slowly getting ready for our UK trip. We’re still needing to find a house/dog sitter. Still needing to save some cash. And we need some good walking shoes, but otherwise, we’re pretty much set. Ezra is in the independent, do not hold me, do not correct me, let me tear books up, run away from you, throw tantrums phase. Thank the Lord that he is more of a compliant child than Ryder was, so I only have to correct him a few times before he stops doing something. But truthfully, I dread the 9 hour flight from the East Coast to London. Really dread it as this phase is hard; it’s hard dealing with tantrums when he doesn’t know why he can’t do something. He’ll be sitting on our laps as well, so I think it’ll be a pretty long flight. On the flips side, I know Ryder is going to do really well on the trip, and he is very excited. We can’t wait to see Mark’s family, so I’m glad that we only have about 8 weeks or so left. I’m just praying that Ezra will adapt to the time changes, flights, trains, new cities, etc. better than we think he will.

Ryder’s birthday – so the big #3 came and went. We didn’t make it to Tiny Town, and I didn’t make the much anticipated pink cupcakes due to my attack of the shingles. So we compensated with a family birthday party and a trip to a European bakery for real cupcakes and cake. Ryde picked out a white cupcake with sprinkles and ate the entire thing himself. He’s always happy to go to Chan and Pop’s, and he loved that Grams came for his party. He squeeled most of the day and said “happy birthday!” to everyone. Two days after his birthday, the four of us drove up to Old Town Ft. Collins and took a ride on the old street car, which Ryde loved. We then went over to a farm where the boys could feed ducks, goats, sheep, and see horses, cows, and pigs. Ryder got to ride a pony all by himself, and he did so well. We were very proud of what a big boy he was. We ended the day with a walk through Old Town and dinner at a burger place. They day did me in, but Ryder had a fantastic time. So that’s all that matters. I’m so thankful for Ryder, so thankful that even as strong willed as he is, he really is such a sweet boy. I love him to bits.

And lastly, I think between being hit with major fatigue due to the shingles and the ongoing heat, I’m really ready for summer to be over. How sad is that? I normally love summer, but I’ve just been worn out and the heat hasn’t helped. So I’m ready for cooler weather, ready to be done with yard work, weeds, and moving the sprinkler, done with picking up apples, and done with all the dirt that gets brought into the house with boys and a dog playing outside in the sprinkler and pool. Of course, we’ll just move into fall and raking leaves and then snow and wet paws and feet . . . so I’ll kick myself for wishing summer hadn’t lasted longer. 😉 But I’m ready to sleep under the covers and to not be sweating all of the time!

And finally, most importantly, Mark and I watched “Furious Love” over the weekend. Combine this with the missionary memoirs and Frank Peretti books that I’ve been reading, and wowzers, God is doing a lot in my heart. It’s to the point where I lay in bed for ages thinking and wake up at 5am praying. God’s stirring up a lot in me, a lot in our family and marriage, and yet I have no idea what the outcome will be or what process we’re even beginning. I just know that things are being changed up. The timing feels right with our upcoming trip as I know God wants to do some big things on our trip, so this feels like the preparation phase. But being the planner that I am, it’s just hard to know that God is at work and yet I can’t see what work He’s doing. It’s just a walking by faith season (as all seasons are). And it’s a season of just being quiet, watching, waiting, yielding, and saying yes, Lord.  It’s a good phase.

3 thoughts on “the potty, a trip, a birthday, and being quiet

  1. Completely hear you… Faith and patience but an excitedness that good changes are on the way. 🙂 Love you and great blog! x

  2. My Mom took my diaper off in the summer when we were home…I hated being wet, but didn’t mind being wet in the diaper. It worked. But each kid is different…you will figure it out, and so will he. Thinking of you!

  3. Re: the potty training… I agree not to ‘push’ him, if by that people mean nagging and getting emotional about it (him and you both). But I think I would try the underwear whenever you’re at home now… it’s worth a shot since you have a deadline to meet. Maybe your sitters would be up for that, also?? Has he gotten to go to the store and pick out his own Elmo big-boy undies yet??

    Re: the trip, I’ve been praying that God will use it in BIG ways! 🙂

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