[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] I [/dropcap] love the Pioneer Woman. She is one lady who is as random as I am. I get the brainwave that she lives on as I live there too. I find her blog to be such good comic relief, and I wish I was as witty as she is. So in honor of her random posts (minus the photography as I’m not a photographer), I had to post some randomness that all somehow connects together in my head –

A few months back, I started purging the house. Like for real purging, not just laying on the chair while gazing at all the piles in the living room and thinking about purging. I got into action, and now it’s become addictive. I find myself thinking through areas of my house and how I’m going to purge them. It’s wonderful really. Trips to Good Will have become exciting . . . . yesterday, my husband even asked “what time does Good Will close?” He’s a good man. 😉 I’ve purged my closet a few times, but I’m now ready to do a major purge as my post pregnancy body is such a new shape that most of my prepregancy clothes don’t fit right (and are very out of style).

By the way, I rarely shop for clothing, but man, I find it totally overwhelming to enter a clothing store now. Like when did the 80s/90s/Euro look arrive? Color blocking . . . uh, right. Not happening for this lady. And neon?! I don’t care to live my junior high days again.

Moving on . . . I do shop once a week for groceries and it has become my most dreaded to do item. For one reason, I find it stressful to take a newly potty trained child and an I-refuse-to-sit child to the grocery store. And secondly, to be bluntly honest, I hate menu planning. Ugh. I love cooking, but the budgeting, menu planning, deciding what to eat every day, etc. is for the birds. It ranks down there with washing dishes. And we need to really tighten up over the next month before our UK trip, and I really, really need to plan out every meal. I’d rather weep than spend an hour trying to figure out what everyone will eat for a week.

On a completely unrelated topic, my firstborn went on his first camping trip this week. So we were left with just our youngest who has never had alone time with Mom and Dad. And we discovered that he has a temper. He hits things when angry. Where did this come from . . . ?!? (His older brother.) Yikes ahoy. Have I said yet how difficult the 14 to 18 month phase is? It’s my least favorite. However, the house was very, very quiet without our loud child. Two days of it was nice. We, the introverts that we are, need quiet at times. Yet the youngest has also discovered DVDs, and he thinks that he has to be just like his brother and ask for a DVD as soon as he wakes up in the morning . . . rough on the non-TV watching parents. TV dilemmas . . .

Yet after having said the above, I will say that I’m loving motherhood. I’ve finally found my niche. I’m finally comfortable in working and balancing kids. I don’t feel so clueless or overwhelmed anymore. We just roll with it. My youngest eats dirt half the day while my eldest runs around the yard nude screaming and yelling, and I don’t get stressed about it. (I’m slightly exaggerating; I do my best to keep E out of the dirt. But he is a dirt magnet.) Life with one child is so much easier, but life with two children is much more relaxed and joyful. Things that used to be a big deal; just are not a big deal. It’s priorities, it’s choosing the battles, and it’s just a choice of keeping the peace above all else. Thank the Lord we decided to go for baby #2. My boys are such good friends already; it makes my heart happy.

And that leads to the question of baby #3, which we’re still deliberating over. Can I just say that I don’t really ever want to wear maternity clothes again? Or go through childbirth. I found out that women whose placentas did not detach (as mine did not with E) have a much higher chance of it happening again. Horrible. I would pray against that, but it gives me great hesitation as I never want to experience that again. But we would enjoy another baby in the house . . .

Lastly, I posted a very random photo of E and me to just add to this post. 🙂 We went down to Denver yesterday to deliver food to friends of our who have just had twins. And our lovely friend offered to give us haircuts while we there. Then we headed to the 16th Street Mall for dinner. My second born is in the phase of hating to be restrained, so this is how he ate dinner. Again, we just roll with what works.

Happy Friday to all!! We’re blessed to be alive and God is good ALL the time!!

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