I’m trying to be very disciplined about posting updates on this site, so even though I don’t have a ton to say today, I’m going to continue with a Monday post in order to keep my momentum going.

So just a few thoughts on life as it is right now:

Two big things happened last week – we received the kids’ British passports and purchased Ryder’s first grade curriculum for homeschool. Those were both big expenses and big decisions, so it was really nice to get them accomplished. The only trouble now is that we have to somehow get the homeschool curriculum to the UK. Which leads me to . ..

Purging, purging, and preparing the house to sell. But wait, we don’t have my visa yet!!! Our biggest prayer request right now is that we will find the right British immigration lawyer. We need to get help with my visa as well as the rest of our teammates’ visas. This is a big cost item as well as one with possible stress, because life feels very much on hold while waiting on visas. Mark and I spent two years of life in this situation while waiting to move to the US, and truthfully, it aged us. So we’re praying carefully, trusting big, and just wanting to walk in wisdom. We really need a lawyer who is a Christian, who is honest, and who will plead our cases. That alone would be an awesome thing to have on our side.

So in the meantime, we have been purging the house, and it seems like it never ends. In every spare moment, we’re going through kids’ books, clothing, paperwork, artwork, etc. As much as we give away or pile in the garage to be sold, it feels like we still have a long way to go. Yet we need to get this house purged so that we can paint and fix some things. This is another big prayer item as we have very little free time and very little money. It’s also emotionally difficult as all of our memories of buying our first house together, bringing home a puppy, bringing home our babies, and all of our ups and downs of transitioning to the States are in this house. So it is definitely bittersweet to prepare to leave our home. It really has become our home and not just a temporary house. Every time I pull a picture off the wall or put a book in a box, I feel a twinge of pain as we can feel this chapter of life closing. The next chapter is very unknown.

Meanwhile, life goes on as usual as we continue working while in transition. For the long time readers of this blog, you know I’ve written a lot about being a working mom and my struggles with it. Thankfully, since Ezra’s birth and some major time with the Lord, my attitude toward working improved a lot . . . yet, I now have two jobs, along with everything else going on. One of my jobs is accounting, and the months from January to April are never a bookkeeper’s easy months. I feel stretched to the max; Mark also has two jobs and is feeling stretched as well. So it’s been a lot of conversations with the Lord again, yet I feel like it keeps coming back to me and how well I manage my time. I’m a terrible procrastinator and I’m doing quite poorly at time management. I keep getting the sense that now is the time to cut a lot of “fun” or in other words “time wasting” activities out and just put my nose to the grindstone and make this a super productive season. And while I sit blogging, I’m needing to work on my notes for the two classes I’m currently teaching . . . oy. So time management is definitely key, and it leads me back to my first topic above.

Home schooling while working. We’re not sure how this whole homeschooling process will go; we just know that we are to do it and we’re simply to do our best. If we bomb the first year, then we’ll sit down and re-evaluate at that point. If it’s a success, then it’ll be a really great year as we really want to transition to the UK with us in unity as a family, with our lives as simple as possible, and with our focus on building community. Our kids will be included in everything possible, and so homeschooling just seems like a natural part of that. Yet this is a big area of (yet again) trusting God. Scottish culture is super liberal; the homeschooling community is very much under threat due to a new law that recently passed. Yet enrolling our children in the public school is not an option, and Christian schools are very rare and super expensive. This is the one area where I feel like God is definitely calling us out into the waves as a super liberal culture is not my ideal environment for raising kids. Yet I also know so many families in ministry who have encouraged us to do life and ministry with our kids; involve them, make them a part of everything, and just do life together. So no matter where we live, how it feels, or what the culture is like God has got them. He cares for them and is very aware of their well-being.

So I don’t think my life as a working mom will ever end; I think the next 6 months of life will be the busiest we’ve been through. Yet I also think if we get our priorities straight, get our eyes glued on Him, and just go with the flow, it will be one fabulous year, even with the move, the goodbyes, the pain of change and transition. I hope so at least . . . and I’m off to work on notes. Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “the nitty gritty

  1. Hi Micah,

    Thanks for the update. The next six months are going to go by very fast. I pray that your visa comes in soon. If not go with your passport and tell them you are on vacation. A very long vacation. Lol

    Everything went through on the new home. At the last minute I decided not to buy it. I am a little sad. But, I would rather be free to give than be tied to a house payment. In the end I would be enjoying a new home by myself. Wasn’t worth it.

    I am praying for you daily.


    1. Eleanor, it sounds like you made a wise decision. I hope you get a new love for your current home. And yes, I agree on plan B being a long family vacation!! 🙂

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