So if you’re easily offended or not into politics, don’t read this post. 🙂 Just warning you.

I’m trying to stay away from the news, but it’s been a hard habit to break. I don’t watch it on TV anymore, and I’ve almost quit reading the newspaper. I still have my online news though, which I’m slowly weaning myself off of. Mainly because it raises my blood pressure and just makes me think less and less of our society, especially when I read all the comments that people post after the news articles. Most of the time, I just question what people in our world are thinking? Have they all acquired their marijuana permits and have taken up smoking weed?! That fact alone – that people are even allowed to just go out (with a permit) and buy marijuana blows my mind . . . but I won’t stay on that subject. Nor will I approach any topic bigger than that one either. We’ll just stay far away from there and stick to the little people and the little news.

The thing that’s irking me the most right now is this story about the flight attendant guy and his big tantrum that he threw because a customer was rude to him. I’ve flown A LOT in my life, and I’ve met a lot of rude airline workers and a lot of rude passengers. I’ve also worked in customer service; the fact is that people are just rude. Americans are especially rude. However, it doesn’t grant the guy the right to just throw a tantrum. I do hope the airline fires him, and I do hope that people get a clue. Rudeness doesn’t work for anyone. He was in the wrong, and the lady that was rude to him was in the wrong. And it worries me to be raising my son in a society like ours where this man is applauded for how he responded. Respect for people, respect for authority, and doing a job well are all important values in life, and I think that many Americans have forgotten that. I’ve had my fair share of run-ins with extremely rude people lately, so this topic has just gotten on my nerves. 🙂

And the other story that has bothered me is the one about Anne Rice and how she is no longer associating herself with Christians. She’s upset at the Catholic church for all the scandals they’re involved in, upset that the church is not welcoming her son, who is gay, and upset that the state of California (I should say the people not the state) is fighting to not allow gay marriage. She sees a lot of hypocrisy in it all, and therefore, she is doing Christianity on her own. And in many ways, I don’t blame her; I can understand why she’s frustrated. Ask any pastor’s kid how they feel about the church, and you’ll get quite the answers. However, and this is a big however, God has called us to be in fellowship with one another. And He has called us to walk in love! Whether you agree with someone or not, you are to walk in love. You speak the truth, try to help the brother get back on the right path, and then, if he doesn’t co-operate, then disassociate yourself. But you don’t lump everyone into one big pile and then throw the whole pile into the trash. I think that many in the church have forgotten this as well. Not everyone, but many.

This life is not about us. The biggest distraction, weapon, tool, whatever you want to call it that the devil uses against us is to get us focused on us. I know this, because I’ve really fought against this in the past year. It’s not Micah’s world. It’s not your world. It’s the world that God has called us to live in as lights, as extensions of Himself, as bearers of His Word, and as givers of His love. We’re called to walk in truth, to walk in integrity, and most importantly, to walk in love. And yes, that is hard. It’s not an easy process. To be honest, on the the average day, I just try to keep quiet, do my work, and not cause any waves. And that’s because I’m in a process of allowing God to pull out all my garbage and get it dealt with. But as the garbage is going out, it’s getting replaced with humility and love, which means that (hopefully) I’ll soon be someone who enters a room and brightly shines the hope, love, and light of the Lord to everyone around me. That’s how we’re to be living. And that’s how I want to live. The rest of the junk that the world offers is just junk. The more I read about it, the less I want to be near it. But more than that, I want to read news that is uplifting, that encourages this world and brings hope. We all need hope, and in order for our world to receive hope, we’ve got to take it to them.

And I’ll just end this at that. 🙂

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