[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] S[/dropcap]o a few weeks after having Babes #3, I decided to attend a health/nutrition class at our church. I missed the first class due to being so disorganized at my life as a mom of 3, but made it to the second class, which covered all the things we should implement in our lives and things we should take out. It was a great class, and I came home highly motivated to continue our journey of eliminating all processed foods, adding all good foods, trying new flours, making everything at home, and on it went. I took nutrition in college and then learned a lot when we lived in England as the British are way ahead of us in terms of getting out all of the junk that companies like to put in food. So I already knew the basics, but I wasn’t fully ready to dive into clean eating, but after this class, I was fully ready. Then I went back to work, school started, sleep deprivation continued, and the disorganization never improved . . . you can guess where we’re at now.

The joy of cooking has become the headache of figuring out what to make every week, how to plan each week’s menu of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, and how to add more time for cooking into my life. I basically hate cooking now. Plus, EB has her personal fussy hour (i.e. crying for an hour straight) every night between 6 and 7, which is my cooking hour. Menu planning and grocery shopping has become limited to when Mark can go with us, as I refuse to take three children aged 4 and under to the grocery store by myself. And I’ve lost all of joy when it comes to eating. I know far too much about what’s in our food to really enjoy it anymore, and I have far too much to do to keep up with feeding a family of 5.

And I realize that it’s one day at a time; we take it little by little and do what we can do. I finally got Ryder over his cereal addiction as it’s not allowed in the house anymore. But I desperately need him to like oats so that we can do all kinds of fun things with oats and eat good breakfasts. I also need Ezra to develop a like for smoothies as that is our number 1 snack, which he will drink about two sips of. And I need Mark to learn how to cook . . . just kidding. I need to get organized and I need a bigger kitchen! 3 feet of counter top on which to cook on has about driven me crazy.

So that’s my vent for the day. I need sleep. I need more hours in my day. I need more organization, and I need a dishwasher so that I can have an additional 18 inches of counter top on which to make tortillas and bread, soak beans, and cut veggies. Thank you very much!

Leaving you with a photo of my boy who is demonstrating exactly how I feel about cooking, except in the boy version . . . boys are born to go without clothes and to wear their underwear on their heads. I’m a mom to two of these guys, so I’m almost an expert on all things boy related.

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