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Last week, we found out that the British government is reversing their student loan policy as they try to get themselves out of debt. For us, this meant that Mark would have to report his earnings over the past 2 years in order for them to figure out what we owe back on his student loan. We reported his earnings, and thankfully, we were not required to do any back payments. However, we are required to pay a set amount (in British pounds) every month from this month forward. Not good news for a couple that lives on a very tight budget. Not very good news when a wire transfer to the UK cost $45 by itself. So Mark took his day off last week to sort this mess out. We had left some money in our British account for us to use in emergency situations, so that money would take care of November’s payment. Where the rest of the money would come from . . . we weren’t sure.

So in the midst of this and other troubling financial news, I’ve been a tad stressed. However, I’ve been continually reminded of how God has faithfully provided always. So it’s been a daily battle of casting my cares, remembering that He is our Provider, and choosing to not worry. When I woke up this morning, I purposely stayed in bed until I went through my scriptures on God’s provision and my not worrying. I went to work in peace.

This afternoon, I got home and checked the mail as I normally do. In it was a letter from the British equivalent of our IRS. They were notifying us that they had gone back to Mark’s 2008 income taxes and realized that Mark had overpaid. So they were issuing a refund. Well, seeing how good our God is, guess how much the refund is for? About 15 pounds over the entire year’s worth of student loan payments that we need to make. Praise the Lord! So we have one year of payments already taken care of. Such a relief, such a blessing, and such a load taken off our shoulders. God is good . . . ALL THE TIME!!!!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Great Fixer

  1. You are a terrible communicator!! How come I haven't heard about this until now??? PRAISE THE LORD!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I LOVE IT!! That's what I'm talkin about BAY-B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Woohoo Mic! That is SO awesome! I am completely thrilled for you both & so blessed to read of God's goodness in your lives!!!

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