Have I said yet how glad I am to be back under my dad’s preaching? Have I told you how nice it’s been to be home? Did I tell you that this finally feels like home now? I am glad, it is nice, and it does feel like home. 🙂

My husband and I were waiting in line at Subway last night. (What would we do without Subway when we haven’t been to the store, have no food, and have about 5 minutes to eat between work and the next place that we have to be?) Mark looks over at me and says “So I think I’m an American now.” I said “oh really?” I then told him that I’m glad that we sorted it out and got him to the country where he really belongs! He’s still way too British to be an American, but he really does fit in here. And he really does feel like this is home. My dear husband never felt at home in England, and I miss England more than he does. I’m glad he’s happy. 🙂

But more than that, we’ve continually seen the Lord’s hand on us since we returned to Colorado. As we’ve stepped out in faith and obedience (which is key), the Lord has answered prayer after prayer. He’s provided for us every step of the way. He’s calmed our hearts in the middle of lots of craziness and difficulty. He’s made a way were there seemed to be no way. And I’ve been so blessed, so encouraged, and so challenged to walk more and more by faith. As I learn about faith, I’m challenged to step out more. I feel like I’m actually growing! I didn’t see much growth in myself while in the U.K. Yet now I see actual growth. I see myself putting my faith and hope in Him, reciting and believing His Word and His promises, then watching Him keep His Word. And it has spurred me on.

Mark and I are embarking on some big scary challenges right now. I get tempted to lay in bed and have a panic attack during the middle of the night. But then I remind myself of how far the Lord has brought us. He will not let us fall. So I keep my eyes on Him. I keep my mind set on Him, and He gives perfect peace. Things are not easy, but with God, they’re wonderfully good. I’d rather be walking by faith in the midst of challenge, then living the easy life and growing stagnant.

One thought on “the goodness of God

  1. I think that maybe you thought you didn’t grow in the UK but reading your blogs from that time, I believe you did. I don’t think you’d be where you are today without that period in your life.

    I’m so pleased to hear how well Mark is adjusting to life in America! That is a blessing! Speaking of blessings, you guys have certainly been blessed in many big ways since you’ve been back in the states. God is good! It is wonderful to see Him in your lives and providing for you.

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