[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] I [/dropcap] need to write an extra long post or like 4 posts in a row . . . so let’s try for the extra long one while I’m on here.

1.) I’ve found a website that I love, love, love for so many reasons (top one being that this family lives in France). I have no desire to ever do my own website like this (or like Pioneer Woman’s), but I certainly enjoy looking at the creativity of others. So enjoy when you have a few spare moments – http://www.designmom.com/

2.) I’m really tired of American politics and this side vs. that side and the garbage that the media spews. It makes me so glad that we do not watch TV at our house as I can’t handle political ads. So when it starts to all stress me out, I pray. And I read this post today and thought it brought up several good prayer points – http://www.charismamag.com/blogs/fire-in-my-bones/15513-eight-great-big-god-sized-prayers-for-america

3.) I’ve been blessed to spend a bit of time with new friends over the past week. And it has blessed my soul so much!! It’s so good to share with a like heart about spriritual growth, things that the Lord is teaching us, areas where we’d like to grow more, and the dreams/callings that God has placed on our hearts. SO GOOD!! I’ve been floored by God’s goodness in letting this busy mom get some friend time lately; it’s been so needed.

4.) I went shopping last week for the first time in ages! So fun and so exhausting at the same time; shopping with two children verges on stressful. Yet I felt royally spoiled to get a pair of shoes, a pair of SKINNY jeans (which will probably go out of style by next fall), and two new shirts. Royally spoiled. I enjoyed it and then said, okay, I don’t want to shop again for quite a while . . . 🙂

5.) My three year old is being a challenge right now. In his short life, he’s proven to have one good week for every three moths of being a challenge. I love him to pieces, and I prayerfully seek the Lord on how to love him more and parent him better every day. He’s just an intense first born who can’t be forced to do anything, can’t be told how to do anything, and won’t do anything that he doesn’t want to do. So we talk a lot about what makes Jesus happy, how obedience and loving others is so pleasing to God, how to be kind and sweet, and on it goes. He’s starting a new preschool next week, and I’m anxious for him. Really anxious. Yet I have to trust him to God. And I just have to share this as well – Ryde usually wakes up early and comes right into our room and wakes us up. Mark’s been staying up very late to write every night, and I’m a terrible morning person. So having a three year old in our bed at 6:30 every day is not always our favorite thing.  Yet this morning, he made me proud by quietly walking in, seeing that both parents were passed out, and then quietly playing on the floor with Zoya until we started to stir. He then came over and asked me if I was awake and told me that he sat and played quietly while we slept. It’s in those moments that I know that my son is a good boy and is learning. It’s those moments of parenting that make all the challenges worthwhile. I love my sweet boy so much.

6.) It’s been my heart’s desire to know more about the Father heart of God, to be filled more and more with His love in order for it to pour out of me and onto all of those around me. And I’ve wanted it for so many reasons, but the number one reason being that God is so good to us. His heart for people is so large. The expanse of love that He has for each of us is mind-blowing. Mind-blowing. The amount of victory and blessing that Jesus accomplished for us on the cross and through His ressurrection is unfathomable. It just overwhelms me. And it’s only God’s love that changes people. It’s only God’s love that changes society. It’s only God’s love that allows us to maneuver through this life successfully. It allows us to stay without offense, to stay away from bitterness, to know that because of our intimacy with Him, He is our Defense, He is our Justice, He is our Protector, and He is truly all we need. Truly. I’m just starting out on my journey of really hiding in His presence, staying in the Secret Place of the Most High, and just resting in His love. And so far, it far outweighs anything that I of my own self would ever try to do. The old striving, trying to do it all myself, keeping guards up, trying to do life perfectly self is just relaxing into Who God is, what He’s done for me through Jesus, and Who He has filled me with (Holy Spirit) to allow me to both will and to do what He’s called me to. This is the good life.

Lastly, I’m taking a break from trying to write perfectly punctuated, flowing posts. I’m just writing. If I have spelling errors, comma errors, and run on sentences, then forgive me. I’ll get back to that at some other point.

One thought on “the good life

  1. Micah, your heart is more important than perfect punctuation and flowing posts. And that shines through. And SKINNY jeans??? I remember when those were in. I was in elementary school. My body is not a SKINNY jeans body. I can’t wait til this trend passes. At least I’m in cowboy country and boot cut jeans work. 😉 Anyway, glad you feel spoiled and that you are finding God in the midst of it all. It’s a beautiful mess, isn’t it?

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