It seems like life is never boring these days . . . and sometimes I wish for the days back in Shrewsbury when Mark was working a 14 hour shift and all I had to do was sit in a chair and look out the window of our flat as it poured rain outside. I wouldn’t mind a day like that now.

I also wouldn’t mind having internet access at home so that I could really blog and tell you what all is happening right now. So until then, this is where it’s at.

God is doing some big stuff. It hasn’t been easy stuff, but I do believe it is big. It seems like our country is in upheaval, everyone I know is in upheaval, and we’re certainly in upheaval. I’ve been amazed at how many people are in a place of losing their jobs due to lay-offs or the prospect of losing their jobs. Talk about walking by faith. If we haven’t learned that God is our Source and our Provider by now, then there’s no time like the present to learn it. Mark is searching daily for a job; his work permit is good till Nov./Dec. So we’re hoping that he can get something before this baby comes. Actually, I’m believing that he will get something. I’m believing that he’ll have a big praise report soon!

The immigration/tax stuff has all been sent in. So now we wait to hear on the greencard. Again, I’m believing and thanking the Lord for favor so that we are approved. I’m also thankful that we have been doing our taxes right, and we actually get something back this year!! Woo-hoo, we can put in a back fence for Zoya. πŸ™‚

Speaking of Zoya (whose name is Russian for Zoe – the God kind of life), she is certainly full of life. I’ve never met a livelier, happier dog than this one. Nor have I met a dog who is so full of her own fiestiness. She thinks she is the alpha dog wherever she goes. Only Sabine, my parents’ dog, has been able to put her in her place. So she is teaching us, Mark especially, a lot right now. I’ve prayed that God would help me learn patience, and He brought us Zoya. πŸ™‚ By the way, our camera battery died, so I still haven’t been able to post a picture of her.

And moving on to our other baby . . . Baby H. is quite a lively one as well. He knows how to kick his mama right in her least favorite place, the belly button. He seems to like coffee as much as I do as coffee gets him moving. πŸ™‚ Like mother like son. Only 15 more weeks till he comes. And I’m excited, yet I’m anxious. I have a lot of questions, a lot of reading to do, and a lot to prepare for. It’s been fun that Mark can feel him move now as that has helped for the three of us to bond. I will say that pregnancy changes the dynamics of a couple’s relationship. Not in a bad way at all; it just makes things a bit different. It doesn’t help that I feel like I’m living in someone else’s body . . . what happened to the body that I’ve had for 30 years?

And lastly, but not at all leastly, there’s a lot going on spiritually as well. Things have been moving and shaking at church, and it’s been so good! Mark woke up this morning and annouced that he has become a studier (not a reader) of the Word, and I told him that I have also decided the same. Two things keep coming over and over to us – one being our use of spiritual gifts, which I’ll address later, and two being our place as children of God/righteousness of Christ and what that entails. Both are speaking loads to us right now. And I will have to stay after work late one day and right in detail about those two things.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that I thank the Lord that He is with us in every situation; nothing is too difficult for Him. I can trust Him fully! And He’s got a lot more in store for us to partake of than I think I realize . . . my realization is growing though. Upheaval is not always a bad thing. πŸ™‚

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