The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows). John 10:10 AMP

Little did I know that when I wrote Tuesdays’s post (see the previous post), I would be standing on those words from then today. But I’d better back up first . . .

On Tuesday afternoon, we went in for our 20 week ultrasound. Ryder went with us, and not even two minutes into the ultrasound, the sonographer announces that baby is indeed a girl. Ryde had hoped for a boy, so he told her it was not a girl! I cried, and Mark told the lady how much we had hoped that we would get that news. She then continued the ultrasound, and this baby is such a mover that she had a bit of a hard time in capturing all the measurements that she needed. But it allowed for the three of us to just enjoy watching our little one. She’s beautiful, and we’re completely in love with our Eden Bella. Our hearts were bursting when we left. On the way out the door, the sonographer mentioned that baby is little so she pushed her due date back a bit. We didn’t really think any thing of it; we were just joyful.

During the ultrasound, she also checked a few items that had been flagged due to my health history. She noted that the placenta is in the ideal place; it’s no where near my c-section scar, which is great news. The rest of my anatomy is looking to be in great shape, and there was no sign of any cyst. God answered that prayer completely, which was more reason for us to rejoice.

Fast forward to the next morning, bright and early, and we all show up at surgery for Mark’s procedure/testing. I had quite the time in keeping two boys quiet and calm in the waiting room while we waited for Mark, and then finally, we just headed to the park until we received the call that Mark was in recovery. When we went into his room to see him, we all three were a little taken back with how groggy and in pain he looked. Always makes your heart hurt to see a loved one hurting. Yet his doctor had great news for us: no sign of inflammation and no sign of any disease at all. A few things had to be treated, which was why Mark was in pain, but overall, he should be healthy and back to eating normally in two weeks. So again, a GREAT report!! God is so good. So faithful. We rejoiced in that all day.

Then that evening, we were all preparing to go out to celebrate my mom’s birthday, and I received a voicemail from my midwives’ office saying to please call them back. I did immediately and then was shocked to hear what they had to say. Basically, the midwives were telling us to go get genetic screening as the ultrasound results showed two soft markers. After I got off the phone, I went to wake up Mark and told him what the midwife said, and he went into the same shock. We immediately asked our prayer line at church to pray, and I went into anger mode. I so wanted to just punch the devil in the face. How dare he give us a bad report after two days of great reports?! How dare he attack a tiny, innocent little girl? We just saw her, and now we’re getting a report that cautions us and tells us to get more testing and genetic screening? It just made me furious. And it so frustrated me that I have not had one easy, smooth pregnancy and delivery. How dare he take that from me? I just go on this roll of how dare he do this, how dare he do that, and on it went.

And I’m leaving out a lot of details, as I just want to focus on this one fact. The only truth is the Word of God and what God has to say on a subject. The rest is circumstance, appearance, “lying vanities” as F.F. Bosworth calls them, things that try to distract us, try to get our atttention, try to steal our joy and peace, and try to get us into fear. When we get into fear, we give way to whatever garbage the devil is trying to do in our lives, and all he wants to do is take from us. He wants to destroy innocent lives; he does it to people every day. He delights in doing his best to get us to turn on God. He wants us to believe that God is unjust, unfair, and partial. Yet he is a stinking liar. The truth is that God is good. God only gives good gifts. God makes all things new, and God has given us a giant list of all that He is and all He has put into covenant with us through Jesus. Before Jesus (the Word) was ever born on earth, it was prophesied by Isaiah that He was/is “Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Prince of Peace,” and all of the Word of God speaks of who HE is. That is truth.

In no way do I receive the report that was found on the ultrasound of my baby girl. I did discuss all the options of genetic screening with the midwife, and I chose to go with the one that I’m most comfortable with. So we have scheduled another ultrasound with a specialist, and I am anticpating that there will be no other markers found. I’m anticipating that our baby girl will grow properly, that all the upcoming ultrasounds will show proper growth and proportion, and that we will have a beautiful, healthy, fully formed girl in our arms in July. That is where I’m standing. As my husband said last night, “well, we have a testimony in the making.” Yes, we do! And we will be testifying of God’s goodness, His faithfulness, and His healing power. Stay tuned . . .

Lastly, I deactivated my facebook account this morning as I’ve felt this strong need to get focused. To seriously pray about some big things in our lives, to get my mind stayed on Him, and to set my face as a flint. I felt like facebook was a hindrance, so any updates on life from me will be found here and here only.

3 thoughts on “the devil is a liar

  1. Congratulations on your beautiful, HEALTHY, sweet,gentle, peaceful, baby girl Miss Eden Bella!!! Don’t concentrate on what you can see. Concentrate on what you cannot see, FOR THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH! God is faithful dear sister! He will NOT fail you! You shall see His signs and wonders! We are praying and standing in faith with y’all that in July you will be holding your precious little one in your arms with NO problems… Blessings

  2. Micah, I am with you all the way. I will stand with you. I will pray with you. I will pray for Eden Bella. Beautiful name by the way. You are not alone. There is power in numbers. Faith is the substance of things hope for, the evidence of things not seen until Eden Bella is born a beautiful healthy baby. Love You

  3. Praying for you all, Mic! So excited for this new little girl to join your family. She is fearfully and wonderfully made. 😉 I deactivated my FB account and I don’t miss most of the time. Been gone from there for about a month.

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