My husband and I joke about how I like to dive into the deep end when it comes to decisions while he likes to slowly wade in. This actually caused quite a bit of problems for us when we first got married. Howevever, after almost 4 years, we now recognize that this is just how we work. So I wait for him as he deliberates and considers the options, and I try to keep my mouth closed and stay patient. He then gives me grace on the days when I mouth off and say that I’m just going to go ahead and do this or that because he is taking ages!! In my world, it’s sink or swim. 🙂

While we were in New York, we were able to sit down with my aunt and uncle and discuss our current situation. My aunt and uncle operate a bit like Mark and I do. My aunt sinks or swims it, and my uncle considers all the options. So they understand how we operate. My aunt was able to throw out some very good questions for us to consider. She was able to shed light on to things so that we could both see the situation. She was helpful, and I appreciated it. Mark and I left New York knowing that we’ve got some decisions to make, some prioritizing to do, and (hopefully) some change coming. We both clearly understand that our crazy, busy life is not working for us. It’s only going to get crazier when Baby #2 comes, so now is the time to get things sorted out. Not in April or May when the baby will be quickly arriving but now.

And that’s both scary and exciting. Scary in that change is never easy. Exciting in that I’ve been desperate in wanting some things in our lives to change, and it will be such a huge relief when those things do change. So today, as I’ve unhappily gotten back into the grind of things, I’ve been in a prayerful mood. God knows my prayers, my struggles, and my heart. He knows the areas where I feel desperate. He’s got it. So even though I’m battling my circumstances, I at least have some hope. I’m thankful to come back from vacation with my vision a bit more clear. I’m thankful to have some motivation to pursue some things and see if the doors open. And I’m believing that other doors will shut and make way for new doors.

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  1. I need some clarity in my life right now. There are big decisions that we have to make as well. I am just like you, sink or swim. I am learning patience in that.

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