This past week has been one of lots of meetings, which has involved dragging my kids around, along with bags of snacks and entertainment, and promising them that if they’re good we’ll get to do this after. Busy weeks are never easy as sitting and staying quiet are not at all on their agenda. But they got lots of practice in this week, and I got lots of practice in giving all of us grace. šŸ™‚ So saying that to say that the last of our meetings was held this morning and it was actually a Skype conversation with one of Mark’s good friends who lives in Edinburgh. The country of Scotland is on our minds and in our conversation a lot right now. And if you’ve ever considered such a big move/change, then you know that there are a lot of emotions involved, which are not easy to process. As a couple, I’m learning that we process differently, make decisions differently, and work through our thoughts in our own way. So it’s good to keep the conversation going as we process. For me personally that has led to a lot of quiet times and then many hours of talking my husband’s ears off. šŸ™‚ Anyway . . . I’m going down a bunny trail.

So long story short without much background involved . . . this friend of Mark’s is one of those really special people in life that you have to value because there aren’t too many people like them. It did my heart so much joy to watch my husband visit (via internet) with one of those friends. The joy on both their faces, the deep fellowship, and the specialness of sharing what God has done in their lives over the last several years was so sweet. It was an hour and a half that we’ll all treasure. And it was a much needed time of having someone speak into your life and say hey, this is so exciting! This possibility is so great that it makes me excited for what God can do! It’s wonderful to have a friend who is able to answer questions, to get an idea of your fears and hesitations, and to speak honestly about those things, but to also say, hey, look at these huge possibilities. A good friend is able to bring so much perspective, insight, and wisdom, and those times of sharing are so needed.

Throughout the skype call, we received so many nuggets of wisdom that after the call ended both Mark and I were excited, pumped up, and filled with the great anticipation of what God is doing. Mark’s friend reminded us that God wants to bring the culture of Heaven down to earth, and He wants us to live and walk in His culture. His culture is one of freedom, one of love, one of relationship, one of drawing out the destiny and purpose that God has put into each of us. His culture brings so much life to society. It’s a giant endeavor to follow God’s leading and to go to a different culture with the purpose of wanting to draw others to the heart of God. It’s kind of scary, kind of intimidating, kind of overwhelming, BUT when we catch God’s vision and heart of what He wants to do for others through us, then it’s exciting! It’s more of a calling, a divine opportunity, an adventure with God. That’s what God wants for each of us; He wants us to go on an adventure with Him. He wants to draw us into a purpose that is larger than ourselves. He wants us to live for Him, in love with Him, and living a lifestyle that reflects so much of Him that others will be drawn to come into relationship with Him. He’s so about that. If anything is evident about our culture and about this new one that we’re considering, it’s that both are failing. Both are headed down a path that is not Kingdom oriented, but we can bring to them the path to Jesus. We can bring the change that is so needed; the change that will impact a people, which then impacts a culture, which then leads to a great awakening. That is a worthy purpose in this life.

So as I sit typing, my heart just says Lord God, I so want to know You more. I so want to walk with You, talk with You, and dream with You. My heart wants to know why and how You love people. My heart wants to know more about the Scottish people and what You desire to do for them. My heart just says Lord, lead me on. Lead me to love more, lead me to trust more, and lead me to those that You desire. Lead me on this great adventure and teach me how to lean into You so that I know when You are nudging me to do this, say that, and go to this place. Let my heart move when Yours moves. Let my heart be for the nations so much that when you say, “Micah, this place needs Me!” my heart readily responds with “Lord, send me!”.

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