[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] T[/dropcap]here are a bunch of unfinished drafts sitting around waiting for me to finish and post them . . . but eh, I’m just not feeling it. So before much more time goes by . . . just a recap of random thoughts.

We had no plans to have a baby shower for this baby, and in fact, we had turned down the one offer for one from Mark’s co-workers. We’ve been given so much clothes for baby that we didn’t see the need really. Yeah, she would need diapers, wipes, burp clothes, teethers, bottles, etc. But we would just use what we have left from the boys or pinch and save our pennies. We weren’t really worried too much. We’ve been through two kids in diapers, and we know God provides. Well, hello, He most definitely provides . . . we were surprised by a wonderful baby shower yesterday at Mark’s work. We were given close to a thousand (3 months worth or so) diapers!! We were also given lots of cute little shoes, teethers, tons of wipes, hair clips, and shockingly, the one thing we really did need – a moses basket type of thing so that she can sleep in our bed or next to our bed. We were amazed when we opened that gift as we really wanted one. And on top of that, we’ve also had friends from church give us big gifts in the form of gift cards or cash. So we also get to get a diaper bag that will work for everyone. We’re so, so thankful. So blessed.

And as trashed out and messy as our house is, with baby’s room being the worst of the mess, I just spent yesterday in a bubble of gratefulness. It’s been so hot and so miserable that I let the boys play in their pools outside while I cooked dinner, and I watched and listened to the two of them play and chat, like best friends would. It blessed my heart so much as I love that they have each other. They fight and hit and scream, but they also have lots of good, kind, loving, best friend moments. It’s so great to watch. Then E has been teething, has a rug burn down his nose from a fall, and now has a cold in one eye, so he’s been really miserable. He’s cried so much that we let R fall asleep in our bed last night while Mark studied for a class at work and I studied for my teaching on healing. E eventually ended up with us as well, and it was so nice to just have all of us (baby included) in one bed and all together. I feel like my children are the biggest, best gifts that I could ever have, and we’re getting one more!! It just blows my mind. It blows my mind that God blesses His kids with kids and then provides all that we need. He is so good!!

So I’m dwelling in thankfulness this week. Lots to thank the Lord for always . . .

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  1. Micah, I can feel your joy and thankfulness as I read your blog. I rejoice with you in how much God has blessed you and your family. This is only the beginning. There is so much more to come. The joy of family continues to grow as your children grow up. It is an awesome journey. We will have the test and trails that comes because we are human, but we do pull through because it is what makes us strong and God is the center and the core of our joy and thankfulness of our lives.

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