The devil is such a little punk. We got blessed, blessed, blessed over the weekend at our baby shower. Then the first half of the week was a continuation of the same. I even got to get a (cheap) pair of new shoes for the first time in a year! Then this morning we woke up and it all hit the fan. Same old thing, nothing new . . . except my attitude. I’m fed up! The devil comes only to steal, kill, and destroy, but HE has come that we may have life (and life in all its fullness). That’s my translation . . .

So Zoyz is on her way to the vet this morning, and I’m standing firm that a.) we’re not paying more than $100 and b.) she does not have anything serious. I just paid a big hospital bill, and we have another big bill due by May 15th. Then we’ll have the biggest bill of all – the birthing/hospital bills – to pay in June. So I’m not giving away anymore of our hard earned money. I’m not going into labor with my girly being sick either. Nor am I getting stressed as my blood pressure has to remain low. So news of a short pay period and news of new, unexpected bills are not going to get to me. I’m (finally) feeling good and have a lot to get done before Ezra comes, but more than that, I’m set on going into labor in peace and staying in peace. My boy is entering into this world in peace and rest.

And I’m not giving away all of my blessings that we just got. So sorry Charlie, but it ain’t happening!

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