In the midst of a crazy busy, hectic work day, I received a call from Rocky Mountain Christian, and I just happened to answer it. They’re enrolling for January’s preschool program and wanted to know if we’re still interested. I then called my sister to confirm that she can still help with Ryder in the new year. She just found out that she’s most likely getting a day shift for 2012, so no, she won’t be able to help on Tuesdays. Therefore, Rocky Mountain’s call was perfect timing. So as anxious, nervous, and kind of excited as I am about putting my 2.5 year old into preschool, we’re going for it. Unfortunately, it’s a bit costly, but we’re hoping it’ll be a good change for all of us, Ryde especially. And I’m just thankful for the good timing as I don’t know what other options we would have had and Ryder is needing to get out, learn, try new things, make friends, etc. It just seems like a 4 hour time slot is a big step for a little boy; one he’ll either really love or not. 🙂 Hard to see our kids grow up . . .

And secondly, I read a lot of Christine Caine’s stuff (founder of The A21 Campaign), and she’s been posting some excellent blogs as of late – this one today really stuck out:

The goal always was, is, and will be JESUS!

Not what we do for Him
Not how much we achieve for Him
Not how much we acquire in our lives
Not how much we produce for Him
Not how far we travel for Him
Not how much we speak about Him
Purely and Simply…Jesus!!!

How do we get from THERE to HERE?

Remember God has an appointed time
Remember to guard your heart
Remember character matters
Remember to trust God

Amen and Amen!!

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