So this is a fluffy post of ramblings . . .

a.) 10 days till Christmas, and I have not done one Christmas thing besides watch “White Christmas” and put the tree up.

b.) I refuse to bake this year. I baked my heart out for Thanksgiving, and it all came out wonderfully and was barely eaten. So I feel ugh about baking. And I’ve eaten enough junk this month that I’ve put a cap on the junk.

c.) We’re doing hardly any gifts this year; mainly due to finances. So my tree has all of 6 presents sitting under it. We figure that Ryde won’t mind . . .

d.) I’m not feeling Christmasy at all. Mark has to work throughout the holidays, so that really solves it.

e.) Moving on as I don’t want to be a Scrooge . . . I’ve really been into Mexican food, mint, and citrus lately. My poor teeth; Dr. Lynn keeps telling me to lay off the citrus. But when you’re pregnant, what can you do? So I’ve been making every version of a burrito (with lots of cilantro) you can find. And I’ve bought every version on green chile that I can find, so I need to learn to make my own.

f.) I really wish I had gone to culinary school; I love cooking. And I can make a lot of good meals; I just forget what half of them are . . .

g.) My husband is trying to talk me into being a magazine article writer. I’m thinking on it.

h.) I really dislike the months between January and April, but I’m feeling quite motivated this year as I need to get a lot done between those months. So I’m actually looking forward to them for once in my life.

i.) And I am going to start a vegetable garden this summer, which is another reason why I do not want to have a c-section. My vegetable plans will be ruined if I can’t bend over or lift for 8 weeks.

j.) We’re blessed. We have no idea how we make it, but we choose to trust God. And He blesses us more and more every day. Mark has told me several times that the past 6 months have been our best yet, and I agree. The year started out on a hard note and with a bang of challenges, but God flipped it around, got us looking at Him and nothing else, and this year is ending really well.

k.) The Bump’s name will be officially (keep your fingers crossed) announced in two weeks. We are VERY, VERY excited . . . if you couldn’t tell yet. Having the names picked makes it feel like this baby is a very real person, which is lots of fun.

Merry Christmas – even if you haven’t done your shopping, like me. It’s not about shopping or baking anyway. It’s about remembering Him, His goodness, and all He has done for us!!

3 thoughts on “sheesh kebaber . . .

  1. That will be a wonderful Christmas gift, in and of itself, to find out the baby's sex – providing he/she doesn't hide its privates like Eli did! Excited for you guys!!

  2. I agree! It's the best Christmas gift we could ask for. I've already prayed that the baby will cooperate so that we can see what he/she is. 🙂

  3. I've been feeling a little Scroogey myself lately. It's hard when you want to buy gifts for people (especially with such large families) and you don't have the finances to do it. I've decided I might just bake cookies with a little homemade tag.. "Merry Christmas"! ha! I have a great book on square foot gardening if you want to borrow it. It really helps you to not feel overwhelmed by the whole idea. I can't wait to plant my stuff for next Summer! This blog was really encouraging to me. 🙂 love you!

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