This past weekend, Mark and I took a few hours of family time, which we need to do way more often as it has been very much neglected, and went garage sale-ing (saling?). We found some much needed items . . . like a mallet for me to use to tenderize my meat :). We also found a sale where the family was getting rid of a lot of Christian books. They were 3 for a $1, and Mark and I could have spent many of our dollars. But we had only $8 to spend, so he got a dollar and I got a dollar. With my buck, I chose this WWII biography about a Jewish Christian named Johanna Ruth Dobschiner. If there is any type of book that I love, love, love it would be WWII biographies, so this was a beautiful find. šŸ™‚ I honestly thanked the Lord when I saw it as this is by far my favorite type of book.

So I put down my last Daniel Silva novel and moved over to read Selected to Live. This woman’s story is all about how she was the only member of her family to survive the Holocaust, and it’s her struggle to survive, her meeting and revelation of Jesus, and her questioning of why she was “chosen” to survive. Why her out of everyone in her family? It’s interesting to say the least. It’s totally my type of read, but it’s kept me up at night as I’ve pondered what she pondered. So I just wanted to share the last paragraph of the book, which is actually a poem –

Selected to live, an undying life.
Selected to live an attached life, to its source.
Selected to live under Royal command.
Selected to live in service for others.
Selected to live!
Go forth then and give . . . .

Please join me now in reverent silence,
Salute deep within you those who are gone.
Like me, you’ll be baffled and won’t know the answer
What really in mankind has gone wrong?

We don’t know the answer; pretend we don’t!
The wicked, they acted–we passive, permitted;
No mad demonstrations, not anywhere!
Individuals objected. The church was asleeping
And murders continued wholesale.

Prompted to bow our heads in silence,
We contemplate our united guilt.
Yet while we ask for wisdom, action,
‘Ne’er tolerate such crime again’ . . .
Throughout the world, men, women and children
Beg us to notice their plight and pain.

Millions still suffer, they always will
While we are comfy, secure.
Not ours, but Christ’s love must conquer that evil
In your labor of love for . . . ONE life.

I don’t know about you, but I know that God is clearly and very loudly speaking to me. Everything I pick up to read or listen to is falling in line with what He’s speaking, and it is all on the same subject. Even a book that I’d pick up at a random garage sale . . . . pretty amazing. Now though, the question is what am I going to do with what God is telling me . . . ????

3 thoughts on “Selected to Live

  1. Well, you know me! You know I'll be wanting to read that book too! And you know the latest Daniel Silva book came out last week? My mom's got it and is reading it and then will send it to me and I'll pass it on to you if you're interested.

    Now as for that poem? Wow! It gave me goosebumps reading it. I read it 3 times. Did she write it? That is something I want to keep to ponder on often. It's powerful! I'm glad you posted this poem!

  2. You can borrow the book anytime! I'm guessing she wrote the poem, but it doesn't say. So I'm not sure. I cried as I read the poem, and I'm not a crier. šŸ™‚

    And yes, I've heard good reviews about Daniel Silva's new book, so I would love to borrow it!

  3. I read this book YEARS ago when I was single and a new Believer, and was pleasantly surprised to see your item about it. Then bumped in to a man with the latest Daniel Silva book tucked under his arm today, and made a comment and we got in to quite a discussion!!! Most enjoyable. He must have been in his early 80's!

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