The past few weeks have been filled with one hassle after another – broken laptop, car needs lots of work, heater broke down, Mark’s hours got cut, and on it went. HOWEVER, the past few weeks have been PHENOMENAL as far as what I’m learning. 🙂

And I wish I had a ton of time to write it all out, but I don’t.

So I’ll just say this. Person after person has come up to me and said, so I feel like God just wants you to rest. I think you need to quit striving. Those people hadn’t a clue about what was going on in my life. Then a longtime friend called and said hey what’s going on? She patiently listened and then responded with something to the effect of saying that in her experience the change we long for most comes after we decide to just make the most of what we’ve got. And I knew that, but I also knew that she heard me. She fully listened and then said those simple words. Then I had another chat with a lovely lady about some of what she’s going through, and she confirmed what I’m learning as she’s learning it too.

Then Sunday happened, the Sunday night service happened, which I learned a ton from, and then I read this –

Uh, hello, Hebrews 4 – 11. The story of my life as God has been trying to teach me to enter His rest. The Heroes of our Faith longed to enter His rest. They pressed on in faith knowing that it would come, even if they didn’t see it in their lifetime. And what is His rest? Absolutely everything that Jesus did on the cross for us. And this is where I wish I had a lot more time as I would type it all out. Jesus accomplished all that we need for this life through His death and ressurrection. If we read through the Epistles, we can note that everything is in Him, through Him. I don’t have to strive, because He did it already. He’s provided it already! Holy smokes, I finally get it. I got it in my head a long time ago, but I’ve caught it in my heart, in my life being now. All of my family will say a huge hearty amen and thank You Lord! 🙂 It’s only taken me forever . . . but at least I got it now.

So the things that bug me most about my circumstances may not change today, but they may change next week or next month or next year. And I will rejoice, celebrate, and praise the Lord when they do. But for now, I’m still going to rejoice, celebrate, and praise Him, because He is a good God who keeps His promises. And He’s promised some things to me that I fully intend to see. But even if He hadn’t, I still get to go to heaven and be rid of this life at some point in time. That by itself is enough, but He’s promised a whole lot more. And I intend to get out of my pit and live in the whole lot more.

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  1. I am happy for you to hear that, my friend! Please pray for me then that I get it out of my head and into my heart too because I have heard it my whole life but it hasn't sunk into my heart as a reality and I desperately want it to. And, sadly, I haven't read that DIB article but I shall now so thanks for posting that!

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