I just wanted to say this – puppies are a gift from God.

When we got a puppy for Christmas, everyone said we were nuts. Haven’t you guys had enough change and enough to adjust to for one year? What are you thinking when you’re pregnant and will have a baby soon? Those were the types of comments that we got. But you know what, those comments are from people who probably shouldn’t get a puppy. πŸ™‚ And so before this baby arrives and takes over as the spotlight and baby of the house, I just want to share a bit about my other baby.

My sister and I chose the name “Zoya,” because a.) Mark has always said that I could name any female animals that we get, b.) I love the name Zoe, and Mark doesn’t, and c.) Zoya is Russian for “the God kind of life”. And she honestly lives the life that I think all of us were born to live. She loves everyone. She enjoys everything that she does. She thinks the world is a wonderful place, and she lives her life to the fullest. She also “talks” constantly. Northern breeds, especially Siberian Huskies, are known for their talking. If you’ve met my Jasmine, then you know that she talks and sings. Jas gets her singing from her Malamute background, so unfortunately, Zoya doesn’t sing . . . which might be a good thing considering how much talking she does already.

Zoya had a big surgery this past week, and she cried for literally about 24 hours straight. She let us know how unhappy she was, which is fair enough. I do the same. But after those 24 hours, she has gone back to being her sweet, happy self. And this morning as I laid in bed with my husband, my baby H. in my tummy, and Zoya with her cone head (she’s been able to sleep with us over the past few nights till she gets off her meds), I thought wow, look at my family. How blessed am I? I have such a wonderful, loving husband, a sweet, loving puppy, and a lively kicker on his way. I really am one blessed girl. πŸ™‚ I’m thankful that the Lord spoke to my sister’s heart and gave her the desire to bless us with Zoya. I think Zoya is exactly what we needed. (And I know that Baby H. is going to grow up with her as his best friend; he loves her already. πŸ˜‰

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  1. I love this blog ~ especially the last paragraph! You write well Mic. I have so often experienced what you wrote about … feeling overwhelmed by how blessed of God I am through the family He’s given me. You do have a beautiful family. What an incredible blessing!

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