It’s Friday, and my brain is fried. It’s been fried for a while, but now it’s just on its way to shutting down. Info is going neither in nor out. So we’ll try to form some sort of blog that makes a bit of sense.

1.) Mark has completed (or will complete in about 2 hours) his second week of work at the bank. They’ve put him on his own for two days now, and he’s learning and enjoying it. My parents blessed him with a few pairs of pants and shirts, and Grams gave him some of Gramps’ ties. So he looks sharp, and he enjoys that too. A working man is a happy man, so I’m glad that he’s happy. šŸ™‚ His job offers better health insurance too, so that is a big answer to prayer! The birth of the baby won’t put us into mega-debt, so praise the Lord for that!

2.) This is my 3rd week of taking an enormous about of iron supplements, and so far, I’ve probably gotten more done in the last 3 weeks than I have throughout my whole pregnancy. šŸ™‚ I’m still tired, but my energy level is much better. I’m actually cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry. I’m also over-doing it, so I need to learn some balance now.

3.) 11 more weeks till the due date of Baby H. That amazes me. How does time go by so quickly? I’m feeling a lot of emotions about motherhood. I seem to be fighting off a lot of fear, a lot of “I can’t do this” thoughts, and a lot of just flat being overwhelmed. The one thing that has got me motivated is decorating his nursery and realizing that he will grow and go through many phases, so I need to enjoy each one. He is kicking less these days; maybe because he should be about 3 pounds now and is pushing on my bladder? But he’s still moving a lot; I can feel and see his movements and body parts. I love that. I feel like he and I are starting this bonding process. I think we’ve finally agreed on a name too, which makes him seem more real.

4.) Still having ups and downs with Zoya. She’s had a hard adjustment with Mark going to work every day. She’s on her own a lot, and you can tell. Mark has also taken our old fence down and is replacing it with a new, big, nice fence. However, he can only do it on weekends. And our weather has not been real helpful in letting him make progress on the fence. So Z has to be hooked up when she’s outside. She’s on a huge lead, but she can’t do laps around the back yard like she’d like. So this morning she made the house into an obstacle course and did as many laps around the entire house as she could. She also decided to include me as an obstacle and run and jump on my head (I was still in bed) as part of the fun. I ended up with a scraped cheek, scraped arm, and two fat lips. Her paws can do quite the damage especially when she’s running at full speed. Nice, huh? I think she’s ready to meet the baby . . . whatever. So she is on a very strict training program from this day forward. Again, no fun for Zoya, but we’re running out of time to get her where she needs to be. She’s badly needing more boundaries and more exercise, and that’s what she’s going to get.

5.) I’ve actually started to walk Zoya in the evenings. It’s a bit of a nightmare right now, but she’s learning a lot. And I’m getting some exercise, which I need! So that’s progress for both of us.

6.) We had two huge praise reports this week – one being the purchase of a used car for Mark. He can drive to Boulder to work, and I can drive home at lunch to let Zoya out during the day. Plus, we both can have a little bit more freedom and not feel bound to having to be on time to get the other one. So that is really nice. We didn’t have to go in debt either to buy the car. šŸ™‚ And the Lord so faithfully answered our prayers for Mark’s greencard. He worked the entire situation out perfectly – down to even the details that I prayed for. And I’m just blown away really. We’ve been in the immigration process for 2 complete years, which is a lot of our marriage. The Lord provided all the money that we needed, gave me the brains to fill out all the forms perfectly, and gave us favor so that the immigration officer approved us based off of our original paperwork. My parents didn’t have to co-sponsor us after all, and we didn’t have to hire a lawyer!! We’re still kind of in shock as this has been such a big part of our lives that it’s weird to not have to deal with it anymore. I can now apply to have Mark’s name put on as co-owner of our house too. Yea for that!

7.) And lastly, the Lord is teaching me to just relax and let it go. The house doesn’t have to be clean. I don’t have to sweep the kitchen every night. I don’t have to nag Mark. (He’ll be thrilled for that.) I don’t have to make sure that everything is done perfectly. I just relax and do my best. And I can TRUST Him to take care of us and every situation we’re in. I’ve been reading a lot about praying and meditating on scriptures that relate to not being afraid during childbirth, and really, it’s helped me in every area of life. I tend to always have some kind of fear in the back of my mind, but that’s so not good and so not necessary. So God is helping me to realize when I’ve got that nagging fear feeling and how to get rid of it. And it’s good! By the time my boy is old enough to realize how is mom is, I hope that he’s able to see a non-paranoid mom. šŸ™‚ That’s my hope anyway.

8.) Very lastly, I’ve learned more about childbearing and childbirth than I ever wanted to know. I’m amazed at what females go through. I’m amazed that women even sign up to have children! And I’m amazed at how God gave us such a huge heart to love and nurture that regardless of everything that happens through pregnancy and childbirth, that desire is still there. Every man needs to watch a video of a woman giving birth . . .

2 thoughts on “progress

  1. I am so glad that things are going so well for you. God is good! Sounds like you are starting to learn things about motherhood, like your house doesn’t have to be perfect. That has been a hard one for me, but with a toddler in the house stuff stays picked up for about 1 sec! God has taught me so much through my girls. Also, if you ever want to hear my experiences with childbirth you are more than welcome to come over for coffee and talk.

  2. Mic,praise GOD for your huge answers to prayer that you had this week. Awesome! God IS GOOD! It was quite a long journey but SO good to see everything sorted out in the end and we truly rejoice with you guys!

    I agree with what Diana said about learning so much through our children. It is very difficult to keep up with things and one of the things I struggle with the most. I have zero patience, unfortunately, for a messy house ESPECIALLY after I just picked up and cleaned. I do wish I could learn to let that go. But, like you, I am truly in awe of mothers. I truly believe it is the most difficult and yet most rewarding job with the least amount of thanks and recognition, unfortunately. It’s a hard, dirty, tiring yet beautiful job and we learn so much about true love. Moms are warriors!

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