[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] Y [/dropcap]ou know when you should do something but then you don’t do it, and then something happens and you end up doing what you should have done anyway? That’s me and facebook. I’ve needed to take a social media break for quite some time. I’ve also needed to purge my “friends” list on facebook, but haven’t done so out of fear of offending. Well, after having a way too long to do list, too much on my plate, and too much stuff needing to be resolved, a person’s comment on facebook finally sent me over the edge. I deleted the “friend” and deactivated my account. I’m hoping it will stay deactivated for a month, but we’ll see how I do. So my priorities are going to get straightened out, and I’ve learned my lesson to do what I should have done before someone sends me over the edge.

Anyway, so . . . there’s way too much going on, and I have got to become someone who can manage her time well. If I don’t, the holidays are going to be a stress filled rush, which I really don’t want. Nor is that fair to my children. And interestingly enough, the one thing I keep hearing and feeling is that it’s time to put everything in order so that time with my Heavenly Father comes first. Then everything else will come into alignment. Like this is the time to get things in order, and it all begins by seeking Him first. I think we all have seasons where we do seek Him first, and then life gets super busy and things fall through the cracks and we don’t purposely let our devotion/prayer time slip. But after one too many nights of falling into bed exhausted, we realize that things have slipped. So for me, that means it’s time to set the alarm for 5am and get out of bed before everyone else, and get first things first. I am going to become a morning person whether I want to or not. And I keep saying how I hate how busy the American lifestyle is, and there are things in our schedule that I cannot eliminate. However, I can make changes that will help my mental state to cope better with our schedule. So it’s time to suck it up and just do what I need to do.

Along with getting my priorities straight, I’m also having to make time for studying as I’m teaching at our church’s Bible school. I’m teaching on my favorite subject of missions, but due to a lack of a solid, dependable laptop with Microsoft Word on it, I’m realizing that my notes are all over the place. This everything is all over the place disorganization seems to be a common theme in life right now. So it’s back to the books as I try to put together a solid structure of notes that I can keep for future use. And with three little ones, plus my job, plus the holidays, I’m finding it very hard to find time to get some peace and quiet. Very hard. So I’m needing some major help in this area as well.

And complete change of subject . . . I’ve been desperate for a vacation. My sweet sister has known this and has wanted to do a girls’ night for quite sometime. So she took my mom, my soon-to-be 4 month old, and me to Denver on Friday night. We stayed in the hotel where my parents spent their one night honeymoon 40 years ago, and we shopped and ate at a fancy restaurant. And much to our surprise, there was a German Christmas market, which we all loved. The weather was perfect, the shopping was much needed as I still don’t fit in any of my clothes, and the quiet, time away was totally a Godsend. I’m very thankful for my sister’s generosity. Very thankful to be blessed.

Finally, this Thanksgiving reminded me of how vital it is to find things to be thankful for. We’ve had a rough couple of months, but there are always reasons to be thankful. Thankfulness is what keeps us in communion with God, keeps our hearts tender, and keeps our minds stayed on what is important. I have been reminding myself that a lot lately, and I am purposing to find much to be thankful for. So I’m leaving you with a photo of the bathroom in our hotel; interestingly enough, it was decorated in the style and colors that I’m always dreaming of for our bathroom at home. I love how God likes to bless us with little details like that, and if we keep our hearts open to finding the little ways in which He does bless us, we’ll see that there are actually little blessings everywhere. Our job is to just watch for them and thank Him when we encounter them. (and this is obviously not the best written post, nor the best photo. But I’m not about being the best at anything; I’m just about sharing my heart, which is all this blog is about.)

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  1. Glad you got some time with special family. After realizing how time-sucking FB was, my account remained deactivated for months on end. Hopefully this month you’ll get some rest from the noise of it. 😉 And yes on gratitude. Being thankful liberates us from our own selfishness…which sometimes proclaims ‘this revolves around me…..’ So much to be thankful for.

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