[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] N[/dropcap]ot sure if I’ve written about working with kids lately, but it’s been heavy on my mind. And seeing how Mr. Ez has to go to work with Mommy twice this week . . . it might be time for an update.

I’m so very thankful that we’ve recently cut Ezra’s days at work down to one (Tuesdays). Hav is now taking him on Mondays; Mark has him on Wed & Thurs. And Chan ‘n Pop have him on Fridays. Tuesdays are by far my hardest day as I have to also take Ryder to school. So we get up in the morning, hurriedly get waffles into the toaster, get dressed, get showered, get lunches made, and get into the car. E and I then take R over to school, walk him in, say our good-byes, and then head to work. Ez then has to be occupied for 4 straight hours if I’m to get any work done. Far easier said than done when you consider that he is an active 21 month old boy. We have our moments as there are conference calls going on, tight spaces, and no room for running or screaming. He usually has tantrums. He’s forced to take a nap he doesn’t want to take, and then he will refuse to nap in the afternoon when Ryder does. So this preggo mama gets no rest, but lots of Ezzy all day long. It requires a lot of juggling on my part, yet then I think back to Ryder’s days of going to work 5 days a week with Mom when he was this age. I don’t know how he and I did it every day as I’m just not handling it with Ezra. By 7pm when Mark walks in the door, I’m usually shoving E over to his daddy and telling him that he is now on Ez duty. I can’t handle anymore.

And this week, I will have young Ez on Thursday as well, which means that the ipad will be going to work too as Ezra will fight having to be in the office again. And like I said earlier, I do have to actually get work done . . .

So lately, I have to admit that mornings have been really hard. I’m not a morning person, I’m tired, and our snowy weather has required that I get up earlier than normal. I have not slept well at all, I am not real great at finding something suitable to wear to work and to cover my pregnant belly right now, our house is still in disarray as we’re sorting, rearranging, and finishing up the baseboards. Zoya’s feet are a wreck, the boys are going through laundry like it’s candy, and I’ve let them watch far too many shows. I’m tired. Did I already say that?! I’m trying to take it one day at a time and not think ahead. Yet I’m forgetting to pay bills, forgetting to check my menu plan to see what I need to thaw for dinner, forgetting that Mark needs clothes washed for work, and neglecting the cleaning of everything.

Yet this is the season of life we’re in. I realize that in 6 months we may be in a totally new season, or I may be bringing both baby and Ezra to work on Tuesdays . . . oh Lord, I will greatly need You. And I greatly need some ideas on how I will entertain a 2 year old and a 4 year old in the fall and winter . . . while also caring for a newborn. I marvel at these moms who have lots of kiddos. How do they do it?! How do they do pregnancy plus look after multiple little ones? Or do they just have really easy pregnancies and are really organized, and I’m neither?

Anyway, never mind. Only taking it one day at a time. God’s grace is sufficient for today!! His grace will be sufficient for tomorrow as well. And I realize that every mom of multiple little ones has her moments. The toddler/preschool years are not the easiest; we all feel worn out whether we work, stay at home, or like me, do both. It’s just a season. I may be heading into my 4th year of working with kids, 3rd time being pregnant while working, but it is just a season. There is light somewhere ahead . . . 🙂 I won’t be tired forever. Thank the Lord!

2 thoughts on “pregnant and working with kids

  1. God bless you sister! You will make it through this and one day, a few years from now you will look back on this season of your life and miss it! Lol Time goes by so fast. Hugs

  2. You are doing a great job, Micah, balancing so many different things. Entertaining kids in fall and winter…playdoh, exercise videos you can do together to get the squirmy inside-always syndrome out, shaving cream drawing on the tables (clean the table to a spic-n-span if you do it there…or you can do it on a cookie sheet…also great for practicing letters). I guess the main thing that makes it tiring for a four year old and two year old–four year olds can do an activity for about 15-20 minutes before tiring of it, so one is transitioning to the next thing, or figuring out what the next thing will be. (Two year olds have about half the attention span capacity of a four year old.) Maybe you already know all this, in which case, just disregard and do what you do best, Momma! 😉

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