[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] Q[/dropcap]uite the weekend we had . . . meaning busier than normal and ending with Mark feeling poorly. Not very fun. My husband is needing a break from working 6 days a week, and we’ve increased/upped our prayers regarding this issue. But that’s another story.

The good thing about this weekend was that I did my first teaching at our healing room/class. I was totally a wreck the few nights prior as I’m not getting a lot of sleep, I’m feeling overwhelmed with how much I need to do before baby’s arrival, I’m not feeling like my brain is holding anything together, and even though I’ve been preparing for this for months, I didn’t feel prepared. Mark was a great sport and allowed me to talk everything out on Friday night, and then he reviewed my notes on Saturday night. He is great at allowing me to present thoughts and ideas and then helping me to structure/make better sense of it all. Plus, how good is it for couples to discuss Scripture together?! I couldn’t have pulled it off without his help. So Sunday arrived, and I had 5 pages of notes prepared. I tend to talk way too fast when I teach, so I over-prepared. Yet surprisingly, the 20 minute time slot flew by! I had to cut my notes short in order to end on time. And then we split up to pray with those who needed prayer. I was paired with a young lady who was going through a lot . . . but what was really interesting was that part of her struggles were the result of a very traumatic c-section. Uh, hello, how perfect that we were matched up?! I could totally relate and understand everything that she talked about. That’s God and His great wisdom for you.

But what’s even more amazing is that when we step out in obedience (this was totally me just choosing to obey when my flesh would rather not), God meets us in such a great way. Teaching on healing is not in my comfort zone. I love to teach on missions as that is fully in my area of expertise, but the subject of healing is not. However, not matter how we feel, we are always blessed and encouraged when we pour out on to others. I love, love, love getting to chat with younger women and encourage them in the Lord. That’s part of my heart and it always has been. Yesterday was the first day in a while where I felt that I had fulfilled a little bit more of my purpose and was able to use my talents for the Kingdom. That always blesses me.

Pouring out is always a blessing to those who get poured on and those who do the pouring. Allowing the Holy Spirit to have His way in and through us is where it’s at. That’s when His Kingdom reaches earth.

And one other thing . . . we went to second service yesterday morning, which we don’t usually do. Yet it’s always so good to see members of our church family that we don’t see due to attending different service times. We had a prayer time at the end, and my baby girl got blessed with loads of prayers! Nothing makes my heart happier than when members of our church family pray for my kids. I love how much love gets poured on them, and I love how this baby is so very much loved already.

If you’re not part of a good church family, find one!! If you’re not pouring out, find ways to pour. Even if it’s just helping your neighbor (which by the way, has started to happen with us and it’s been good!) or blessing one person that you know needs something. Go for it! Step out and let God fill you with His ability, His heart, and His purpose. He always comes through . . . and if this quiet, introverted, not super comfortable being in front of others lady can get up and teach about healing and then pray for the sick, anyone can. Because it’s not us who does it, it’s Him . . . always about Him.

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