So this Christmas was nothing at all like I expected . . . is anything ever as expected?

We’ve been so busy that I was late in getting everyone’s presents, and that’s not saying a whole lot, because we don’t buy much. But I need to get our British family’s gifts and cards in the mail by the first of December, and that didn’t happen. In fact, it still hasn’t happened as the gifts just arrived. So that’s how I expected this Christmas to be – pretty harem scarem. 😉 And it started out pretty wild . . . Friday, the 23rd was the only day that both Mark and I had off. The plan was to get a bunch of stuff done that day, then hit the cleaning jobs and do our last minute shopping. We got up early, did the things that were needed around the house, then I called to make a much delayed doctor appointment only to find out that they could see me then. So we packed up the boys, got them bundled and into the car, then we both prepared to head off – me to the doctor and Mark to the cleaning jobs. Only to find out that his car wouldn’t start, and his car was behind mine. And so we spent the next hour doing a combo of Mark shoveling snow and he and I trying to slowly push the car onto the road, so at least one of us could get out. By the time we had the car almost all the way out, the cavalry (AKA Mom and Dad) had arrived. Dad finished helping Mark while Mom and I took the boys over to their house. I continued on to the doctor while Mark did car repair. By the time we were both free from those things it was 5:30. We then went on to Boulder to clean and ended up doing our last minute shopping late that night at King Soopers. Mark then got up on Christmas Eve and went to do the other cleaning job while I cooked, wrapped gifts, and packed. It was a tad bit hectic.

By 3:30 on Christmas Eve, we had finally arrived at my parents’ and were able to spend a wonderful evening with my folks, Hav, and Grams. The boys had a fabulous Christmas. Ryde caught on to presents and how to open them very quickly. Zoya and Jas had a great time together. We enjoyed great food and even better fellowship. It’s so nice to enjoy your family! We then watched a movie and spent the night. Christmas Day began with church where I finally got to catch up with friends, then we hit Starbucks, and then headed home to chat with our New York family. We all chatted, napped, and snacked until Christmas dinner was ready. The day ended by us opening our stockings and by bringing up the gift that we had forgotten to give Ryder. Co-workers of Mark’s had given us a “cozy coupe” that was in great shape, so we had saved it for Ryder’s Christmas. We brought it up and put it under a blanket to see if he’d find it. Of course, it took him about 2 seconds before he was under the blanket and in the car. 🙂 He sat in his car and opened his stocking stuffers while all of us enjoyed all the little fun gifts. It was a great end to a fun day. Quite nice to say the least!!

And the amazing part of it all was that a.) the car breaking down and the less than great doctor appointment didn’t ruin our weekend, b.) we got to have 4 generations of family together enjoying Christmas followed by Mark chatting with his family in Britain and all of us chatting with our family in New York. It’s so nice and so special to be able to talk to family, and I appreciate technology so much!! My aunt got to watch Ezra as he ate his puffs and grinned at her. That made my heart happy. My grams got a big hug and kiss from Ryder after he opened his gifts from her, and that made my heart proud and thankful that she can enjoy her great-grandchildren. The whole weekend just made me thankful to be alive, to have family, and to have peace and rest while celebrating what our Savior has done for us.

I was ever aware of the sense of peace and togetherness that we get to share because of Jesus and because of what He’s done for us; it’s amazing. It’s something that I’ve really started to grasp hold of, and now that I’ve got it, I don’t want to let it go. We’re blessed. So next Christmas, I’ll be a lot more organized far ahead of time, but until then, I’m going to enjoy His peace and my family a lot more.

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