The last two weeks have been so full. I’m teaching my last class for the school year at the Bible school, and as busy as we are, I knew I needed to teach this class. I’ve dove into studying authority, submission, humility, and servanthood, and it’s been so good. I’ve loved studying the Old Testament, and I’ve felt like God has been speaking to my situation through this class. So it’s been ace (as my British husband used to say). One of the other pluses of being at the Bible school is getting to start the day in worship with other believers; I love that part of my day. I feel like that has really helped me to keep my mind on where it should be right now; rather on all that it could be.

In the past two weeks, I also ended my primary job of accounting. I worked at the same place since 2008, so it’s a BIG change to not be working there anymore. It feels very odd, yet we’ve been so busy that I can’t imagine trying to balance that as well right now. For us, life just seems to be changing by the week, and honestly, it can be overwhelming . . . if we let it.

The thing that I feel like God is really stressing to me right now is His great love for us, His desire to care for us, His longing that we just place ourselves in His hands, and that we just go where He goes. In the class I’m teaching, we’ve talked so much about yielding and saying, “Father, what would you like?” What does He want? Not where can I serve Him, what can I do for Him, but what does He want? What is His heart for this world? Then how can I fit into the Body of Christ and fulfill my function. Everything is about yielding to His heart. And so as we live in this season of uncertainty, and as the pressure builds, it’s tempting to say, “Lord, I need a visa! Lord, we need a place to live! Lord, how is this going to work?” And instead, I’m just saying, “Lord, this is Your plan. I trust You to do with us what You desire. We’re just moving as you say.” And then I focus on worshiping Him, getting into my secret place with Him, and just resting. It’s all I can do.

On Easter Sunday, my dad shared about Jesus and how He exchanged His place of authority, His position in Heaven with that of the cross, which consisted of all our sin, shame, guilt, sickness, and disease. It went right along with all that I’ve been studying, and it just spoke so much to me about Jesus’ humility and obedience. He was obedient to the point of death! He said and did only as the Father did. I so want to be like that. And then look at the aftermath of this exchange – Jesus became the Victorious One, the Champion, the Head of the Church. He did so much for us. So much. How can we not trust Him? How can we not follow in His steps and step out into the unknown? How can we not go when He says go?

So as we take one step at a time and as our future seems very unclear, I’m just so thankful. So content to be where He has us, so safe in knowing that He goes before us, and so okay to just rest in Him. Yes, our circumstances are scary and so many things feel frightening, but we don’t have to dwell there. In fact, we should not dwell there. We just take it one day at a time and rest in Him. He is worthy of our trust, and He is the safest place to be.

**I saw this photo on posted a few times on Instagram, and I don’t know where it came from or who the source is. It perfectly fits how I saw Easter this year.

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