[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] I [/dropcap] think we’re still in shock that we’re having a GIRL! Mark and I find ourselves catching ourselves as we say “she” as it doesn’t totally feel real. We’ve had this girl named for 6 years . . . talk about expected. We have definitely been expecting her. And yesterday, I got the best surprise when a friend of ours dropped off a big bag of clothes for our girl. When I opened it, I found onesies, pants, shoes, sleepers, and even a cute little swimsuit! Everything is in great shape, and it gives us a great base for this baby’s wardrobe. Plus, there was a great selection of pinks, reds, greens, yellows, purples, etc. Such a blessing!!

While I was rushing about this morning, I was thinking on all that’s happened over the past 8 days. I was thinking about how we got such great reports last Tuesday, which was then followed by the not great report about baby, and something hit me. We can always choose to believe God’s report over any other report. We’ve talked about this all week as that is what we chose to do regarding baby’s health, but I think I’ve only applied it to big issues. I haven’t chosen to believe God’s report every day or in every circumstance. And all of this is quite new for me as it’s such a turnaround in my thinking. And to reiterate it even more – Mark’s been listening to some old, old preachers. On Friday, he stopped by my work to have lunch with me, and he told me that he had just listened to Corrie Ten Boom. She said something significant that spoke to him: When she was asked how she got through all the things that she survived, she replied by saying that she has always been one who reads the end of the story first (me too!!), then she knows if she wants to read the book. So she applied that to her life and she already knew the ending, and she knew it was a very happy ending. So she relied on that. And when Mark shared that with me, it hit me as being so true. We already know our ending. We know that God knows our baby girl’s whole story; He knows her beginning from her end. And I trust His goodness always.

So as Mark and I walked into the hospital yesterday, I said, “we’re getting a good report, right? But regardless, we already have God’s report and it is good!” He heartily agreed. The two things that we wanted to hear the doctor say were that baby was proportional and that there were no other defects or signs of any genetic disability. That’s what we were believing to hear. We ended up having a very long ultrasound where every part of baby’s anatomy was analyzed and measured. She did not want to cooperate this time, and she made it difficult for the sonographer to get the measurements she needed. However, she gave us all good chuckles as she was again sucking on her fingers, she gave the umbilical cord a good yank, and she showed off all of her fingers so that we could see them. The ultrasound technicians have all gotten a kick out of watching her and her little personality. At the end, the sonographer said that her arms did seem short, but she would let the doctor talk to us about everything.

So very long story short . . . for some reason, baby’s limbs do seem very little, but they are not any smaller than the rest of her. I have kids with giant heads, yet her head is not significantly bigger than or out of proportion from her limbs. So the only two options that seem to make sense about baby is that a.) she is very small for some unknown reason, which doesn’t make any sense to the doctor because she is in perfect health. Her structure is perfect, her organs are perfect, and everyone just keeps saying how perfect she is. She has no other signs or markers for any chromosomal defect, any genetic defect, etc. She said we could do further genetic testing, but she guessed that we would keep the baby regardless so would it even matter? We said no. She then stated that she had looked through all of my health notes and the one flag she saw was all of the due date confusion. She said they almost never change a due date, but in this case, the ultrasounds have not been consistent with the dates of where baby should be and her measurements, which tells her that the due date has been wrong to begin with. So we all decided to use the traditional method of due dates and just go based off of the first day of the last menstrual cycle. That puts baby due in the first week of August, it makes her measurements make sense, and it just makes more sense than anything else. Of course, they’ll do another ultrasound in a month to measure her again and to make sure she’s growing properly. But she shows no other sign of anything that would cause her to be little. The doctor told us that tiny babies are usually sickly and this baby is in no way sickly.

We left the doctor’s office feeling good. Yes, I repeat week 20 of this pregnancy, but I wanted an August 1st baby anyway . . . Ryde will love the fact that I most definitely will not miss his July birthday now. 😉

And I’m glad to just be done with all of this. As we left the doctor’s office, she looked over at me and said “just enjoy this pregnancy.” That’s what I’ve wanted as this is the last one; I want to enjoy it. I want to enjoy anticipating and planning for our Eden. So that’s the plan for the next 20 weeks. My hope and trust is in God and in God alone. He’s got our girl, and I know He’s doing a beautiful job in making her as she has to keep up with her smart, active, handsome brothers . . .

So again, we’re just thankful. Always thankful, always glad that we serve such a mighty God, always dwelling in the fact that He is Jehovah Rapha, our Healer, and Jehovah Jireh, our Provider. And more than that, He just loves us . . . He’s been in love with our girl for longer than we have . . .

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