[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] I[/dropcap]’m not sure what’s happened this week, but it’s been a hard one. I have an almost two year old who has been biting, scratching faces, and throwing tantrums about everything, and an almost four year old who has completely fallen apart in every area of life. I’m on the edge of going on vacation . . . by myself!! I feel like digging a hole, getting into it, and covering myself up until I’m ready to face the world again. Yikes man.

And I’ve written a few posts on the things that our happening in the US of A and what is going on with our culture. Yet I haven’t posted them and I’m not sure that I will. I’m again ready to dig my head in the sand and not look up until our country returns to its roots of acknowledging God and living by His laws. Yet my head would then be buried for quite some time . . . not a realistic way of dealing with life.

So I’m going to say this instead:

A good friend of mine sent me a podcast on potential and our calling. Interestingly enough, the speaker began the teaching with the topic of babies and how God designed each of us with a specific calling. And it’s funny, because I so get that with my children. I so KNOW that this baby that I’m carrying has a calling on her life. I know that with each of my kids, and it’s so fun to watch them age, to see their interests, to see their specific personalites come out. I know it’s part of my job to help draw those things out in an encouraging, help them to flourish, way. That excites me! Yet I’d never seen that about myself until I listened to this message. I never thought about myself in my own mother’s womb and how God dreamed me up, designed me, and said this girl of mine, whose name means “like unto Jehovah” will be this and will have the potential to do that. I’ve never pictured that until now . . .

To me calling has always been something that you discover along the way, that you have to open all these doors and try all these avenues, dn then one day the right things come together, and you begin walking in your calling. No wonder I’ve had so many moments of frustration in my life! In the podcast the speaker made the point that you were designed with your calling as something that you are, something that will pour out of you, something that does need to be cultivated and protected. And she made two points that are quite significant: a.) your calling is who you are, not what you’re doing at the moment and b.) you have to be be specific about it. She noted how so many women think they can’t do this or that until they get married (been there, done that!). They can’t fulfill their heart to minister or serve others until they marry a pastor or until they find a husband who does this or that. She also noted how then so many women put things off because they find themselves overwhelmed in the phase of mothering little ones (am there and am doing that!). Yet she said that’s not to be; we can be intentional wives and mothers and continue cultivating the callings on our lives. If we would set up specific guidelines, boundaries, goals, things that say we are doing this or we are not doing that, then we would not find ourselves wondering aimlessly, thinking that our calling is for later.

Now is the time and this is the place. I’m as busy as any lady could possibly be, yet I can still take the time to cultivate my spiritual life, to stir up the gifts and dreams that God has placed within me, and to learn how to be the best wife, mom, and most importantly, daughter of God that I can be. In fact, I already know that if I would be more intentional in doing those things my family would be much happier. They would enjoy having a joyful woman living in their house. And no matter how busy the pace of life, I still have time to speak to someone when I grocery shopping, to give $$ to the homeless man on the corner, and to be involved in my local church. It’s just a matter of placing those things as my specific priorities that I won’t budge on. Going to church is not an option for our family; we will be there every Sunday. Reading the Word of God, doing Bible stories with our kids, praying before bed, etc. are all essentials to our family life. Choosing to let the Holy Spirit lead us, choosing to submit ourselves to the Authority of God’s Word, and choosing to submit under the leadership of our pastor are again non-negotiables. Our culture does not dictate what our family agrees with, what our family does, or what our family believes. God and His Word do; they are the Priority of our lives. Raising boys who know why they were created, who know Who created them and how much He loves them, and who know that they have so much love to pour out to others is central to our family life. Raising children who can say yes, the world says this, but my God says this, so I agree with Him – that is part of our calling. Yet these things won’t just get done on their own; they will only be done if we set our minds to do them and guard our time.

And as much as I want to go out into the mudhole that is our backyard and bury myself, I am going to choose to rejoice in my God, to suck up how I feel about everything being messy and chaotic, and just get on with cultivating some good soil, planting some great seed, and growing some beautiful stuff. After all, this weekend is THE weekend to celebrate our Savior and ALL that He has done for us, which is so much more than any of us deserve. It’s a time to celebrate! 🙂

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