It’s 9pm, Mark hasn’t been home since 7:30am, the house is trashed, the boys have been fed, bathed, and put in bed, Zoyz is asleep on the couch behind me, I’ve just finished eating a bowl of peanut butter and chocolate chips (to make up for how much weight I’ve lost while being sick) and I’m bleary eyed from surfing the stupid internet. I say stupid because it’s a total time waster. The house could have been cleaned by now had I cleaned instead of surfed . . .

I’m desperately needing ideas on Christmas presents for Mark’s family. Last year, I mailed our Christmas photos three weeks early, and they didn’t arrive until the 3rd week of January. So seeing how there’s only 4 weeks till Christmas, they’re obviously going to be late again this year. However, I have zero ideas. I’m in no way going to Target again for family photos. It’s too hard to get two little ones to pose. We’d love to do a fun family photo shoot, but it’s way too expensive for our meager budget. I’ve thought about compiling the boys’ photos to make a photo book for Mark’s parents, but then I also need to do something for his 3 sisters and 1 sister-in-law. Yikes ahoy. I’m just so not an organized, have it together mom. I wish we could just send them all fabulous fruit and chocolate basket or even a box full of my own baked goods (not that they’d be real fresh by the time they arrived). However, the shipping cost alone is not worth it. And of course, they’d all say that we shouldn’t do anything, but I want to do something. I just need a great, practical idea, and somehow, I thought the internet would give me one. Guess not.

And I should have been in bed an hour ago as I’m still feeling poorly and this is a super busy time at work. Yet I still have bottles to wash, dishes to wash, a bathtub to drain, and lunches to make before bed too. πŸ™ Maybe I’ll just forget it all and get up an hour earlier than normal??

I also have a giant load of laundry to do as Ezzy hit a record number of spit-ups today. He also ate veggie pasta, so my carpet has orange tinted stains on it. I forgot how tiring babies are once they’re mobile. Putting a diaper on his is like trying to hold down a freshly caught fish. He’s just not happy if he’s not moving. And getting him to sit long enough to eat is getting harder and harder. I think he and I will both be relieved when he starts crawling. However, Ryder will not. πŸ™‚ Ryde’s already finding that his world is being shaken as his little brother has started to find Ryde’s toys and play with them. All Ryde can do is try to keep his eye on everything so that he doesn’t have to share. Personally, I think it’s kind of funny. πŸ˜‰

So to end this randomness . . . all I want for Christmas is a house cleaner, a work from home job that involves reading and editing at night, a 2 week vacation on the beach, and someone to organize my life and house. That’s not too much, right . . . . ?

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  1. How about a photo calendar of your favorite family photos for the next year – 18 months? You can get those at Walmart/Target/Shutterfly, etc. They're practical and inexpensive.

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