Over the past week, I keep sitting down to write this and then get interrupted . . .

I’m not planning on being a stay at home mom any time soon. I’m not planning to go back to school, write a book, or clean my house until it sparkles. I’m just going to let things be and not plan. I’ve been a working mom for 2 years now, and if I continue for 2 more years, 5 years, or 10 years, then so be it. At least we have food on the table. I’m not complaining about how my house needs this or that or still isn’t decorated; it’s a house of little boys . . . need I say more. And my clothes may be 5+ years, but they’re feeling brand new as I haven’t worn them in 9 months. 😉 My heart so desires to be a fun mom, to travel, to learn, to explore, and to love on people. But at this time in my life, my traveling may be to the grocery store only. My exploring may be limited to the backyard, and I’m a busy mom with a job. I get to love on the people right in front of me, and I get to go to Boulder’s homeless twice a month. That’s good enough. We clean on the weekends, yes, and truthfully, it goes much easier when I don’t moan about how hot the building is or how we never have a weekend. I’m getting my attitude in shape. Getting my perspective right, and trying to keep my mouth shut. 🙂 This, my friends, is great progress for me. Praise the Lord . . . hallelujah!!

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