I think my last blog was a bit prophetic as we most definitely got pushed into the deep end yesterday. Last night, we received two notices of quite big increases in some of our payments, and honestly, it really disheartened me. I stayed up late watching the election coverage and just basically wallowed in disappointment. Thankfully, the Lord doesn’t allow us to wallow for long . . . and today, I’ve been reminded that faith isn’t faith unless it’s being exercised. So we’ve got another chance to grow in our faith and to watch the Lord as He hears our prayers and answers in the perfect way that He always does.

I’ve also been reminded that when we can fix things ourselves or go out and work things out, then again, it’s not faith. We walk in faith when we fully rely on Him knowing that only He can fix our mess. Only He can straighten our circumstances. And if I’m walking around talking about my problems or frantically trying to fix them, then I’m out of the faith walk. Casting my cares, setting my eyes on Him, and being confident that He will work it out is what qualifies as the faith walk.

So today has been a day of repenting for my wallowing, getting myself re-focused, and opening my heart up to options and ideas that I hadn’t considered before. I think the Lord has been trying to tell us to expand our box, to be open to things we haven’t been open to, and to really seek His perfect situation for us. Therefore, I am now listening with a soft, open heart. đŸ™‚ And I’m getting my peace back as I don’t need or want any more stress in my life. Working, carrying a baby, and being the mom of a toddler is all I can handle at the moment. Well that and the fact that Zoya is currently out in the yard eating a squirrel . . . needless to say, my hands are full, so I’m leaving the rest to Him.

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