And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. Galatians 6:9 KJV

I think this has been the verse of 2012 for me.

But let me backtrack first . . . on Saturday morning I got the rare treat of meeting an old friend for coffee. This friend and I share a lot of history. We’re about 8 years apart, but we’ve known each other since I was a kid and she was in high school. She stayed with us while we lived in Jamaica, she came to visit me when I was a freshman in college, and we were great friends when we were single. We share a love for God and for traveling, and our lives have taken us on different journeys but it hasn’t changed our friendship. She’s an older mom like I am, and she works plus homeschools her kids. She’s busier than I am.  So to get a chance to have coffee together without kids present was quite the rare moment. It was a treat to say the least.

I am blessed to have a few lifetime friends who have been with me through thick and thin. Friends who have proven their worth over and over; friends that I would do anything for, and this friend is one of those.

So as we were catching up, she asked the 3rd baby question. I told her our reasons for why it’s looking like a no, even though our hearts say yes maybe. I talked to her about the work/financial situation, and she brought up ideas that I hadn’t seriously considered. She challenged me to pray and to be bold. And I took her challenge to heart.

Then the following morning (after a disastrous time of getting the boys up and ready for church while Mark had to head in to film the service), I arrived at church very disheartened. I’m worn out. Physically worn out. Three days a week, I’m up and out of the house by 8am. Three more days a week, we’re up and gone by 9am. We have one day to rest, which is Saturday, and it’s filled with house stuff. It’s tiring. Getting two little ones out the door every single morning is hard work. There is no possible way that I could add a third one with our schedule. No way. I don’t even have the desire to try it.

Yet lo and behold, the teaching on Sunday was on our thinking process, on viewing life through a heavenly/faith/God filled lens, rather than letting this life bog us down. It was a perfectly timed sermon for me. It’s been one that I’ve been chewing on.

And so this morning, as we rushed about, as I had to pull two kids out of the dog door while trying to pack the car, I just kept thinking “don’t grow weary in well-doing, don’t grow weary in well-doing.” Keep a good attitude. Not mumbling. No complaining. Keep a right heart.

It’s a choice every moment to either let the tiredness take over and spew crabbiness or to choose to let the Holy Spirit rule and reign with peace and love. A daily choice. And my friend is such a good reminder of it as she is also tired. She also had a rough 2011. She understands the work and parenting combo. She understands the marrying and having kids later in life and the work, work, work life. She totally gets it. And she was honest in telling me that her parents help out a ton, that she has moments of spewing frustration and wanting to quit, yet she always gets her perspective back. She keeps her joy. She keeps a beautiful heart.

So I’m learning. I’m getting it. I’m realizing that it’s a moment by moment challenge, but God’s equipped us to do it. Through Jesus we can do all things. And it’s so worthwhile to not quit! So worthwhile. Thankful for friends, thankful for good teaching/learning moments, and thankful for Him most of all. 🙂

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