Some people love birthdays. They create birthday months for themselves; they make everything about the fact that it’s their birthday. And they even like to tell you that their birthday is next month, next week, tomorrow. I, on the other hand, am not a birthday person. I’d be happy for it to slide by and not be a big deal. Not that it really ever is a big deal. I’m happy to get cards from close friends and family; happy to eat cake. But not happy about aging. I’d rather skip the aging thing.

So as this birthday approached, I tried to not think about it. I never thought about what I wanted to do, what I wanted as a gift, nothing. Just happy to let it go by, especially because it’s an already busy time. Then I found out that Kelly was going on vacation, and I’d be covering for her on my birthday and for the next 10 days after. Yeah, not thrilled about that. We get a half day off on our birthday at work, so mine would not be happening. Then a week before my birthday, my parents’ dog, Sabine, had to be taken to the vet hospital. That brought back all the memories of Jack and when he died a few days after my birthday. Not fun. And yesterday, the day before my birthday, we went to see my Bine at the vet. She was not looking good. Our Sweet, Sweet Bine. We’re not ready to lose her, and we’re not going to lose her. We’re trusting the Lord to heal her completely. I got home from the vet, and I just thought man, I don’t want a birthday. This is not my week. I hate seeing something that I love suffering so much, and I just want a vacation. And I felt sorry for myself.

And now, today, after a full, very busy day at work with a teething, cranky baby, I will say that I’m glad that today is almost over!! πŸ™‚ However, I will also say that my Lord reminded me this morning while I showered of how blessed I am to be healthy and to be turning 32 years old. Many people are not healthy; many don’t make it to 32. But I have. That alone is something to rejoice in and to be thankful for. And to add to that, I have a healthy, loving husband, a wonderful 7 month, beautiful baby boy, two vibrant, loving young pups at home (we’re watching Isabel for the weekend), and my Jasmine is still as loving and sweet as ever, and even though she lives with my parents, she always remembers me and loves on me when I go to see her. Plus, I get to spend tonight and tomorrow morning with my parents and sister. And best of all, Sweet Sabine was up and walking around this morning. God is good! I’m blessed, and that is far more than enough reasons to have a happy birthday!

One more thing – the above mentioned Kelly also came in to sing a very LOUD happy birthday and bring me chocolate. So I’ll forgive her for going on vacation . . . and hopefully, she reads this. πŸ˜‰ I’m also thankful for friends.

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  1. Well, despite not being a birthday person I hope that you felt extra loved and appreciated today! I had no idea about Sabine. I will pray for her. Love you Mic.

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