So it’s interesting when you’ve spent most of your married life in one country and then you move to the country of your old, single life. People remember you as how you were before you were single. They’re curious as to where the new you came from. For instance, lately, a big conversation has been “so Mic, have you always run late?” Um, no. I have not always run late. I’ve always run exactly on time. Thank you very much for asking. “So why do you seem to be late now?” Well, good question. Possibly, because I’m over-tired? Maybe because we’ve lived in a constant state of change for almost 2 years? Maybe because Mark didn’t have a normal, set schedule with his last job, and we haven’t lived in our own place for almost 6 months? Maybe I can’t find my socks, my hair brush, my shampoo, my earrings, my coffee, etc. because I’m constantly living between my parents’ house and my grandma’s house? Maybe we really need some order and structure in life? Or maybe it’s because I work a full time job, then we have two cleaning jobs, then we look at houses every night? Who knows?!! I’m sorry if you’ve noticed that we run late. We’re working on it. It’s been a big goal of ours since we got married. We will get there. I don’t get to work late, and soon, we won’t get to church late. That’s all we can do for now.

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